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Using Deburring to Increase Manufacturing Productivity

gear deburring

In life consistency proves to be a key of success. Boring, yet repeatable actions managed over time are one of the best ways to keep things, processes and people functioning at their best. This is true for the most basic of human activities from brushing teeth to moving the body to keep it healthy and nimble. Other working items also benefit from consistent processes. In a manufacturing facility, routine maintenance is an essential part of operations and maintaining productivity.

The importance of observing a maintenance schedule in a manufacturing facility cannot be overstated. Every piece of machinery contains a multitude of moving parts and with complexity comes the potential for stresses. Each piece has a different life span and because of that, there is some expectation of failure during its lifetime. Knowing this, operations and facilities personnel are always on the lookout for ways to improve and lengthen the amount of life a part and/or machinery can provide.

Maintenance Schedule

Having a schedule for service and maintenance is necessary for everything from the HVAC system and the lifts below and everything in between. It’s a mammoth task that’s mission critical, especially when you consider the expense of unexpected breakdowns and downtime. The balancing act becomes even more complicated when you consider each part and every machine is on a slightly different schedule.

Because of this, there is some level of estimation involved. Should the person tasked with maintenance follow the manufacturer’s suggested length of time, should they implement something unique to the manufacturer or do they roll the dice, so to speak, and see how much life a part or machine has? A scheduled maintenance approach means there will be some element of life left in the part, which to some can feel like leaving money on the table.

Deburring is Good Maintenance

One process that can add to the life of machines throughout the manufacturing plant is deburring. Regular deburring of gears and sprockets can extend the life of a machine. Deburring using silicon carbide and diamond brushes can remove the troublesome burrs that can keep a machine from functioning at its best. The removal of sharp pieces of metal and hard plastic also benefits those working on the machines. Burrs left in place can dislodge and end up falling into machinery seams and can cause cuts and bruises in those working with the machinery.

Deburring Machines

Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) specializes in the deburring of gears and sprockets. CDMC offers many machines for nearly any gear application.

Model 5000 – deburrs parallel-axis gears with consistent, repeatable results

Model 1220 – uses a large diameter nylon radial brush for ring gears up to 15” in diameter

Model 3000 – perfect for standard bevel gears up to 48” in diameter

OLS Series – used for pump gears, can deburr the gear profile on both surfaces in one rotation


For information on a deburring machine to fit your manufacturing needs or for a free evaluation, contact CDMC today at (216) 472-0200!

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Deburring and Finishing are Critical to the Manufacturing Process

Deburring and finishing are critical elements of the manufacturing process. The production of parts would be incomplete without the use of these technologies. Often used as the final step in manufacturing, deburring and finishing are just as important today as when they were applied at the beginning of the industrial age. Deburring is a way to produce smooth, clean edges on parts and machinery. By employing quality deburring processes manufacturers add a measure of safety, consistency and reliability with the production of parts that are free from burrs and edge projections.


A burr is a ridge of roughness on a piece of metal or hard plastic that forms during the shaping or cutting process. Much of deburring occurs with metalwork and related manufacturing. The need to deburr relates to metal strengths. On a spectrum, cast iron rates low. 2024 aluminum used for the construction of aircrafts has a medium tendency for burrs, and 18-8 chrome-nickel steel has a higher propensity for burring because of its soft and easily moldable tendencies. Although such projections can appear to be slight to the naked eye, they have the potential to cause serious issues for people and machinery if not properly removed.

deburring process

If not eliminated, these minute inconsistencies have the potential to increase friction. Over time, these small pieces can break off and land in the seams of machinery, eventually leading to interference on the assembly line. If the problem is not rectified, the machine can jam and possibly overheat, causing a dangerous situation on the floor. The imperfection of burrs can also create irregular mating surfaces in parts and machinery. If not attended to, burrs generate unnecessary waste and can be a cause of time lost on the floor for those tasked with remedying these issues.

Machinery and Parts

Some of the most important advantages of investing in quality deburring and finishing services is reliability and repeatability. These processes are a critical part of the manufacturing process and maintenance of machinery and parts prior to installation on the production floor. Beyond enhancing operations, parts and machinery that have been deburred also protect the workforce. The elimination of rough edges lowers the probability of parts jamming in critical mechanisms as well as preventing cuts and bruises for those working the line.

Deburring Solutions

The last step of the manufacturing process is something that should never be overlooked. Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) understands the importance of reliability, consistency and repeatability during processes. We offer a range of cost-effective deburring solutions for high-volume, repeatable processes to flexible, easy-to-adjust solutions. Find out why CDMC is the first word on the last step in the manufacturing process.

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Bold Steps Needed in Manufacturing to Keep Up With Trends

manufacturing trends

In 2016, the manufacturing community demonstrated its enormous potential for innovation and growth. Thanks to technology, we could increase output, speed up processes, and make our companies more attractive to potential clientele. Manufacturing is viewed by some as a fading industry. However, the reality is that it is a changing and adapting organism. The companies that have survived have done so because of their ability to keep up with the tide of information and technology. Here are some of the trends predicted to grow throughout 2017 and the following years.

Reduce the offshoring

Nearshoring and newshoring are becoming an important trend that challenges conventional ideas of making profits. In the past, manufacturing demanded offshoring to secure cost-effective production with quality product-making. In contrast, more manufacturers are looking close to home or even starting at home. This is a result of a long-term analysis of the industry. Going overseas allows means a higher risk of product replication. Getting your idea stolen is never a desirable outcome. In addition, these knock-offs tend to be lower quality and damage the market. Plus, keeping production close to home reduces lead times. Newshoring, or starting your manufacturing from scratch at home, can also be considered a good alternative for small business manufacturers.

Product and Service Packages

Most product manufacturers have recently started to add service as a part of their product package. This is something that we already generally see in the auto industry; authorized dealerships handle any local service required. These service bundles are now extending to other products. Installation or upgrade packages are included by the manufacturer. Including services like maintenance in your post-production package might not actually be a bad idea when it comes innovating your product and making it more attractive to clients.

Robotics and Cobotics

The use of robotics and “cobotics” (cooperation between human and a robot to complete tasks) is nothing new to the United States. The automation of processes has reached new heights recently with new monitoring and automated repair systems. Machinery can locate any sort of total failure occurrence in production prior to any incidence, including diagnosis of potential issues, and in some cases, repair the problem. Alerts are also automatic for cases when a repair is outside of a capability range. The advantages of these are immense, and their integration into the manufacturing industry could revolutionize any company.

Increases in 3-D Printing

The outcomes of 3D printing are strong. You could benefit from this technology by adding it to your small batch production or prototyping process. Additive manufacturing has become an incredibly necessary part of the manufacturing process that increases the productivity of your development time. This trend is expected to continue to grow rapidly.

Faster, Faster, Faster

Amazon has taken advantage of drone technologies by integrating “same-day delivery” into their industry. This inevitably leads to a complete revolutionizing of the operations and logistics of any manufacturing company. Production manufacturers will be forced to find new methods to adapt to these changes. Providing the same quality product in a quicker, more accessible way will be a new challenge for all manufacturers.

The challenges that have emerged in 2017 for the manufacturing industry are not easy to overcome. Innovative trends will make it easier to change accordingly. Try to keep ahead of the game by staying flexible and adaptable.

The Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) provides a strong example for other manufacturers in the industry. Located in northeast Ohio, CDMC is dedicated to providing deburring solutions for gears, sprockets, aerospace and defense, power transmission, powdered metals, fluid power and custom deburring applications. CDMC’s no-charge application evaluation includes a detailed report and process description in as little as 3 to 5 business days. Contact CDMC today for a deburring machine that’s right for you.

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