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Safety Practices at Work should Include Deburring

Safety practices at work should include deburring, in particular because the manufacturing process of shaping metal and some plastic products can introduce another element of unpredictability in the workplace. Cuts in metal and plastic that aren’t clean can produce a dangerous side effect of burrs. These tiny, rough edges can snag, poke and pinch in places when one least expects it.

Production burrs, in their many forms, can be a literal pain – one that’s been present for as long as humans have been cutting objects. From an industry perspective, production burrs have been an issue as far back as the 1860s when the industry began embracing edge finishing processes through mass production methods. Even today, these sharp edges on metal goods, plastic and steel products can pose a danger to employees on the manufacturing floor.

Common Burr-Related Injuries/Issues

  • Cuts and scraps
  • Mechanism jams
  • Unnecessary wear and tear
  • Short circuiting/burnout of electrical machines
  • Build-up on edges
  • Fracture of edges

The potential for mechanical hazards remains an element of every manufacturing or production process, and every point of operation holds the potential to become a hazard. Blades, bits and presses are all places where users and operators should practice caution. For instance, guards when used correctly and consistently can go a long way in keeping human operators safer and reduce unnecessary injuries and issues on the floor.

Deburring is a proven and well-accepted process that can help a manufacturer ensure employees remain safe and keep a company in compliance. CDMC provides deburring services that can improve product consistency, create reliability in production numbers and limit unnecessary downtime. Consistent deburring practices can also improve environmental and safety elements for everyone on the manufacturing floor.

The need for safety is present even as manufacturing becomes more sophisticated as technology and Artificial Intelligence play a larger role in production. For humans and machines to work in concert safely, operators must acknowledge the importance of a working partnership based on mutual trust and recognition of the potential of danger.

Manufacturers with safety in mind must have practices in place that keep employees safe because a single safety issue can quickly create a ripple effect across an organization. Just one injury has the potential to create rises in health benefit costs across an organization, create production downtime, raise product retail costs and hold the potential for redesigning parts of the manufacturing or production process. By simply embedding deburring methods in the overall manufacturing process, manufacturers can build an important safety net for employees and the organization.

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