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The Advantages of Deburring

There is an advantage to processes employed across multiple industries. The concept of deburring, the process of removing small burrs, is consistently embraced by the automotive, aerospace, defense, and manufacturing industries, to name just a few. The process of deburring and parts finishing is a refined approach to producing consistent and highly specialized requirements in these industries.

While individualized processes may have their own unique aspects, deburring machines are relied on to create product consistency, keep workers safe and lines moving to limit unnecessary downtime. These processes also suit organizations both large and small. If you think deburring could suit your business but wonder if your process is large enough to call for it, consider this.

Deburring machines come in a range of varieties and can be stationary or portable. The portable options come on casters and carts to make it easy to find processes where you need them most. For instance, portable machines can be a smart solution in shops using CNC mills or lathes. The easy-to-maneuver deburring machines can offer a dependable finishing step after the completion of the primary cutting as the parts come off the lathe or mill.

Those in search of higher production requirements can consider a magnetic deburring machine. This option offers an inline, through-feed deburring process for flat parts, up to 4 inches thick and six inches in diameter, which could benefit from deburring on both sides. A magnetic conveyor belt keeps the parts in alignment as brushes pass over the parts. An integrated coolant system keeps temperatures regulated, which helps to prolong brush life.

A single large-diameter nylon brush deburrs small bevel gears. Dual spindle models help the unloading and loading of one part while another part is in the process. A standard integrated coolant system is included on the bevel gear machine.

Manufacturers looking for a solution that can manage a number of various parts profiles with storage and recall can receive help from a parallel-axis machine. The rugged, dependable and efficient machine is considered to be a deburring workhorse with storage for hundreds of part profiles. A zero-set-up changeover system cuts time spent switching from one part to another.

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