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The Future of the Global Deburring Machine Industry

Earlier in the year, Future Marketing Insights predicted the global deburring machine industry would reach a value of $850 million by the end of 2023. This growth was supported by more automation in industrial processes, rising demand for precision machining and the expansion of deburring services into the production of vehicle manufacturing.

One thing all these elements have in common is the ongoing sophistication of what has been typically a rather straightforward, less tech-centric area. This progression includes a greater embrace of Industry 4.0 processes such as the Internet of Things (IoT), which connect physical devices to report information back to a smart device. These IoT processes are complementary to the growing preference for automatic deburring machines, which are proving to be more cost-efficient, safer and more productive than traditional manual deburring machines.

In the past, manual deburring relied on the use of a nylon disc brush which required an on-site operator to hand flip each part for deburring on the opposite side. Conversely, automated deburring delivers a clean finish on deburred edges and a spark-free operation that’s safer for the operator. Automatic techniques also use robotic loading. In this process, each part is concurrently brushed on the top and lower edges of the piece to be deburred. Radial brushes approach the clamped part from the vantage point of two axes.

Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) is proud to be a leading provider of deburring solutions. These applications include cutting tool edge prep, green and sintered powder metal, descaling, brushed finishes, fine blanking and stamping and exotic materials unique to the automotive, heavy equipment, aerospace and defense industries.

CDMC approaches the use of automation through robotic solutions designed to think “outside the box” of traditional deburring. This includes the use of robotic components to tackle a range of issues such as transmission part descaling and deburring, blender body finishing, large gear deburring and finishing, robotic gear deburring and chamfering, aluminum extrusion deburring and cutting tool edge prep.

These automated process resolutions are often born out of problem-solving exercises with our clients who are looking to find a unique autonomous solution. CDMC is known for developing proprietary solutions that are perfected using our decades of deburring knowledge and the range of solutions we’ve already created for some of the most innovative systems on the market.

Our work also includes an ongoing focus on worker safety. This is critical as many industries are trying to do more with fewer people. CDMC innovations teamed with IoT/Industry 4.0 technology can help staff and businesses run safely and more efficiently. While we won’t know where 2024 will lead us, we recognize technology will continue to be an important part of moving the deburring industry forward. That said, the work of CDMC will always be guided by humans with decades of experience perfecting deburring processes in the best and most efficient ways.

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