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Deburring Solutions are Available for Many Different Applications

Looking to provide your organization with an edge can be done by literally taking off the edge – as in edge deburring. Deburring solutions have long been embraced in many industries, including manufacturing, to improve product, create reliability in production numbers and limit unnecessary downtime. When used with consistency, deburring solutions can also improve safety for people and boost the production of products.

Deburring Solutions by Type


No matter how sophisticated machines may become, gears continue to play an integral role. And those gears must have smooth edges to match up precisely and provide a smooth turn. Any burrs and/or rough edges can create unintended consequences such as the buildup of heat through friction and catches that can knock a mechanism out of sync. Deburring can remove heavy or residual burrs from bevel gear, ring gear, pump gear, parallel axis gear, or another other type of gear.


A sprocket is often thought of as any wheel form with radial projections. Sprockets are used to engage a chain, track or thread that passes over it. This can include something as large as the movement of treads on a battlefield tank or advancing a thin strip of film through a projector. Deburring offers a number of solutions to address both faces on a sprocket as well as solutions for multi-row sprockets.

Powdered Metals

Greenware that has not yet been through the sintering process can require extra care when deburring. The pre-sintered pieces can be fragile and can’t be magnetized during any portion of the pre-sintering process. Because of the fragility of greenware, we recommend seeking out someone with experience in this area.

Fluid Power Parts

Gerotors, pump gears and pump housings are fluid power parts. Because of the number of different angles, fluid power parts must be deburred with constant brush pressure to ensure the multi-faceted parts are prepared correctly on all sides and from above and below.

Unique processes call for unique solutions. CDMC can configure custom deburring machine solutions to fit most applications. You only need to ask! Contact the experts at CDMC today to learn why deburring is a valuable and vital part of creating a safe, flexible and efficient ecosystem. We’ll show you why having a deburring method in place can make your product and your system safer and your employees more efficient.

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