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Our Mag Series is Great for Powdered Metal Deburring

Mag Series Machines
Mag Series Deburring Machine

Now an accepted part of manufacturing, powdered metals provides additional strength to greenware, which can be variable in terms of its sturdiness. Its strength comes from the use of compacted metal powders bonded with heat. The process also produces little in terms of scrap metal waste, a benefit to any manufacturer looking to build a more sustainable operation.  

To further increase the benefits of powdered metal parts and their use, CDMC believes manufacturers need and deserve solutions tailored to powdered metals that improve on the last stage of the deburring process.

To this end, CDMC offers a line of powdered metal deburring machines. This includes the Mag Series. The Mag Series accommodates through-feed, in-line deburring on both sides. The machines offer a series of magnetic conveyors, which bring the powdered metal parts to a series of brushes. The adaptable through-feed machine helps eliminate earlier issues of having to turn the piece over to deburr the other side and lessen the ambiguity introduced by the human element.

More Mag Series Features

Integrated coolant system

Auto amp compensation system to maintain brush pressure

2-. 4- and 8-head platforms

Easy, quick part changeovers

Accommodates a variety of flat powder metal parts

When you’re ready for a reliable powdered metal deburring solution, think Cleveland Deburring Machine Company.

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Powdered Metal Parts Deburring

powdered metal deburring

At the beginning of 2020, sustainability showed up on the trends lists of almost every major industry. But sustainability isn’t just a New Year’s buzzword. Increasingly, sustainability is becoming an achievable goal for a growing number of consumers and companies. Never one-size-fits-all, sustainability is incorporated into multiple elements, from the food we eat to the clothing we wear. Sustainability is also a continuing commitment in the manufacturing industry.

Working toward such a goal is easier when looking at the bottom line and there is a natural reason to emphasize the reduction of unnecessary waste. Therefore, manufacturers are always looking for ways to make their processes more efficient throughout the supply chain. One tried-and-true aspect of sustainability includes the use of powdered metal deburring on powdered metal parts.

Adaptable and Versatile

Powdered metal parts are an important part of the manufacturing landscape and because of varying levels of strength of greenware used, some options may be sturdier than others. When part strength is critical, consider the use of powdered metal deburring. The reliable process uses compacted metal powder that’s sourced from some of the sturdiest elemental metals. Heat at just below the point of melting joins the metal powders into a cohesion of strength. The use of powdered metal is preferred by manufacturers because it produces very little scrap metal waste. The reduction of waste supports comprehensive sustainability measures and offers versatility of design.

Although the use of powdered metals offers versatility, there are some issues in the process that CDMC set out to improve. The low profile of powdered metal parts requires deburring to remove burrs on both faces. Machines of the past employed nylon disc brushes, a method that required operators to use their hands to flip the object to its opposite side. With such a method came human error, which resulted in a loss of time and resources.

A Better Way

CDMC understood there was a safer and more efficient way to deburr these critical pieces. In response, the company created the Mag Series and the 4000 Series deburring machines to reduce downtime, boost optimization and improve consistency of operations.

Mag Series – Through-feed, in-line deburring machines are ready to tackle the high production of flat parts in need of deburring on both sides. Parts are conveyed using a series of magnetic conveyors and are available in 2-, 4- or 6-head platforms and in Mag T versions.

4000 Series Green Powder Deburring Machine – Adaptable through-feed deburring machines deburr parts on opposing sides and brushes offer simultaneous two-side deburring to accommodate almost any infeed/outfeed orientation, also available with OLS’s exclusive Auto Amp Compensation system.

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Why the Pharmaceutical Industry Should Have a Deburring Process


Accuracy is critical in many industries but in the pharmaceutical industry, accuracy or lack thereof can easily be a matter of life or death. As a result, manufacturers in the industry must have machines and parts that are accurate and dependable. Anything that’s produced on these lines must be predictable and repeatable. Those in the industry know that even the smallest alteration being off spec has the potential to produce disastrous results. As the scale of the operation grows, these tenets become even more important.

The resulting margin for error is often small. A change in calibration or quantity, a small burr or an irregularity in a part, gasket or fitting could all spell trouble. Any one of these things might be the cause of a leak, mismeasurement or an even larger problem that could completely stop production on the line. While a production stop is not good in any industry, it’s downright dangerous when experienced in the pharmaceutical industry.

Many of the pharmaceutical products produced are time-sensitive and an unexpected delay could mean an entire batch needs to be thrown away, an unfortunate waste of time and money. Not to mention how a leak or mix that’s not kept sterile could endanger workers in the process. Therefore, quality deburring machinery is an important asset to all manufacturing processes. Having reliable deburring equipment in place can add an additional layer of safety for the pharmaceutical manufacturers as more and more take on the work of medical-grade components.

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