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Manufacturers Should Prioritize Deburring for Greater Efficiency

As we enter the second quarter of 2024, it’s safe to say the year is already moving quickly. The increased speed with which we live, and work necessitates the standardization of tried-and-true practices. Manufacturers and their workforce must be on the lookout for ways to work more efficiently as well as look for methods to streamline work practices. Manufacturers have long known that a burr, a thin ridge of roughness produced through the cutting or shaping of metal and hard plastics, can create a multitude of issues on the plant floor.

These tiny burrs can produce a range of problems from assembly line interference and worker safety to machines overheating because of increased friction, machines jamming or irregular mating surfaces creating issues in finished parts. Because of the sheer range of potential mishaps, manufacturers place an emphasis on generating smooth edges on parts.

This is why deburring and finish technology holds a significant role in a manufacturer’s maintenance program. These technologies allow manufacturers to produce high-quality parts that increase customer satisfaction and repeat purchases. This requires product consistency piece by piece, at volume with no unexpected downtime. With smart deburring and finishing practices in place, manufacturers have more opportunities to look for other ways to streamline processes and keep up in a quickly advancing world.

And in a time where employees are often asked to do more with less, these practices instill an important level of safety during the manufacturing process. Pieces that have been deburred are less likely to cause mechanism jams that can result in cuts and scrapes. The process minimizes unnecessary wear and tear on machines that can cause short circuiting/burnout of electrical machines and a range of other mechanical hazards. These practices can also protect human operators and reduce safety issues on the floor.

This is important because just a single safety issue can create an unfortunate ripple effect, and one injury can increase health benefit costs across an organization. Smart solutions applied with consistency can minimize production downtime and improve an organization in both the short- and the long-term. By simply embedding deburring and finishing methods in the overall manufacturing process, manufacturers create a critical safety net for employees and end users alike.

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