At Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC), we are not jacks-of-all-trades. We are a master of one. We create deburring solutions. We are a team of highly experienced designers and manufacturers of deburring equipment. At our core, we pride ourselves on connecting with each customer on a technical level to achieve the best possible solution for your application. To that end, we offer a large and well-test array of different methods of deburring and have alliances with companies who specialize in other areas of metal finishing so that we can assist you with any deburring application.

Here's what you can expect:

Connect with Us

First, we will ask a few questions related to your manufacturing process, and then (in most cases) request to see a sample of the part or parts that you are interested in deburring.

Sample Processing

We always welcome our customers to come to Cleveland and participate in the sample part processing and evaluation. We have many different types of processes that we can utilize depending on the part requirements.

Application Report

After the thorough testing, we will then create an application report, which includes process details and photographs to help the customer understand how their part has been processed. (Standard application evaluations are turned around in 3-5 business days.)

Solution Creation

Once a process is established and proves to be effective, we will then evaluate if the process is well suited to one of our standard machines, or if we need to start with a clean slate. Most applications can be accommodated by a standard machine, however, certain variables such as cycle times, part sizes, and other specific limitations may require a custom deburring application. Depending on the part or parts to be processed, and the customer’s understanding of the part requirements, this process of evaluation can be bypassed. Our standard machines have clearly defined capabilities that can be found in the technical description of each machine.

CDMC Team Members

We’re serious about deburring, and we’re confident that our team is as experienced as it gets.

Here’s what we mean:

  • Adam Mutschler – President – at CDMC 13 years, 17 total years of experience in deburring
  • Eric Mutschler – VP of Sales – at CDMC 12 years, 40 total years of experience in deburring
  • Michael Zeman – Mechanical Engineering and Design – at CDMC 1 year, 1 total year of experience in deburring
  • Tom Whittle – Electrical Engineering and Design – CDMC 11 years, 19 total years of experience in deburring
  • Gary Noe – Senior Electrician and Integrator – at CDMC 1 year
  • Joe Marinakis – Senior Lead Assembler and Machinist – at CDMC 12 years
  • Dan Cayet – Senior Lead Assembler and Fabricator – at CDMC 6 years
  • Jason Ramsey – Lead Office Administration – at CDMC 8 years
  • Kelly Pfister – Accounting and Office Administration – at CDMC 7 years

Get Started with CDMC Today

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