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Tennessee Manufactures More Than Corvettes, Whiskey, and Great Music

Tennessee manufacturers

Manufacturing success in Tennessee is no coincidence. They have many benefits to offer manufacturers like a centralized location with eight intersecting highways running through it, which are big assets for the transportation of goods. Another significant benefit is the large amounts of water that serve as a resource for industrial processes. Inside its manufacturing sector, vehicles, food and beverage, and chemicals currently have the biggest impact on Tennessee manufacturing.

Big Investments in Automotive:

In 2015, Business Facilities Magazine awarded Tennessee 1st place for automotive manufacturing power and 1st in the southeast for auto industry employment. Since then, a variety of significant investments have resulted in the creation of auto plants for Nissan, Volkswagen, and General Motors. These big brands make the automotive industry the most important sector in the state. Last year, 6.3% of all US-manufactured cars came from Tennessee. The industry also employed 4% of all Tennessee state workers. Indeed, we can praise the state for the force in the automotive sector, but what makes it a truly successful manufacturing economy is the diversity of products and industries.

Unparalleled Food and Beverage:

Food and beverage manufacturing is also a major strength for Tennessee. Food and beverage exports from Tennessee reach major markets around the world. Tennessee exports now enter the markets of France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, The United Kingdom and amount to more than $1.11 billion in revenue. Whiskey alone accounts for $590 million. But hey, it IS Tennessee whiskey.

The sheer number of food and beverage factories are an indication of their importance to the economy of Tennessee. The state’s Department of Agriculture sites that there are 1,688 registered food and beverage processing manufacturers and warehouses and 148 domestic kitchen permits. Together, they employ about 36,000 workers.

Rapidly Growing Chemicals:

The chemical sector has grown rapidly over the last couple of years. Just three years ago, basic chemicals produced $2.1 billion in revenue. According to the Department of Community and Economic Development, last year it generated a whopping $4.9 billion. Chemicals and plastics not only produce a lot of jobs, about 48 thousand, but they also pay 38% better than the average manufacturing salary. There are more than 700 chemical companies operating in Tennessee today. Among the key brands are American Industrial Partners Inc., Chattem, Inc., and Fujifilm Hunt Chemicals USA.

Forbes listed Tennessee as the 17th best state for doing business with the sixth best economic climate. Their diverse manufacturing scene and well-paying jobs only seem to be contributing to the improving state of Tennessee business. By simply looking at the rise in industry investments over the last few years, everything indicates that Tennessee manufacturing will continue to be an economic force to be reckoned with.

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Bold Steps Needed in Manufacturing to Keep Up With Trends

manufacturing trends

In 2016, the manufacturing community demonstrated its enormous potential for innovation and growth. Thanks to technology, we could increase output, speed up processes, and make our companies more attractive to potential clientele. Manufacturing is viewed by some as a fading industry. However, the reality is that it is a changing and adapting organism. The companies that have survived have done so because of their ability to keep up with the tide of information and technology. Here are some of the trends predicted to grow throughout 2017 and the following years.

Reduce the offshoring

Nearshoring and newshoring are becoming an important trend that challenges conventional ideas of making profits. In the past, manufacturing demanded offshoring to secure cost-effective production with quality product-making. In contrast, more manufacturers are looking close to home or even starting at home. This is a result of a long-term analysis of the industry. Going overseas allows means a higher risk of product replication. Getting your idea stolen is never a desirable outcome. In addition, these knock-offs tend to be lower quality and damage the market. Plus, keeping production close to home reduces lead times. Newshoring, or starting your manufacturing from scratch at home, can also be considered a good alternative for small business manufacturers.

Product and Service Packages

Most product manufacturers have recently started to add service as a part of their product package. This is something that we already generally see in the auto industry; authorized dealerships handle any local service required. These service bundles are now extending to other products. Installation or upgrade packages are included by the manufacturer. Including services like maintenance in your post-production package might not actually be a bad idea when it comes innovating your product and making it more attractive to clients.

Robotics and Cobotics

The use of robotics and “cobotics” (cooperation between human and a robot to complete tasks) is nothing new to the United States. The automation of processes has reached new heights recently with new monitoring and automated repair systems. Machinery can locate any sort of total failure occurrence in production prior to any incidence, including diagnosis of potential issues, and in some cases, repair the problem. Alerts are also automatic for cases when a repair is outside of a capability range. The advantages of these are immense, and their integration into the manufacturing industry could revolutionize any company.

Increases in 3-D Printing

The outcomes of 3D printing are strong. You could benefit from this technology by adding it to your small batch production or prototyping process. Additive manufacturing has become an incredibly necessary part of the manufacturing process that increases the productivity of your development time. This trend is expected to continue to grow rapidly.

Faster, Faster, Faster

Amazon has taken advantage of drone technologies by integrating “same-day delivery” into their industry. This inevitably leads to a complete revolutionizing of the operations and logistics of any manufacturing company. Production manufacturers will be forced to find new methods to adapt to these changes. Providing the same quality product in a quicker, more accessible way will be a new challenge for all manufacturers.

The challenges that have emerged in 2017 for the manufacturing industry are not easy to overcome. Innovative trends will make it easier to change accordingly. Try to keep ahead of the game by staying flexible and adaptable.

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