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Why Customization Makes the Difference for Manufacturers

We are blessed to live in a time where choice is now the norm. Everything from the burgers or pizza we order to the automobile we drive includes any number of elements of choice within them. In fact, this ability for choice is so broad that when it doesn’t exist, it almost seems abnormal. For instance, could you imagine going to the grocery store and having one brand of bread or coffee to choose from or perhaps dining at a restaurant where the chef made only one option?

For many, this lack of choice would be inconceivable. Yet, a restriction of these options can still be at play in some areas of the manufacturing industry who continue to rely on the mass production of products, an element of the 19th century Industrial Revolution. In contrast, there are a growing number of small-to-midsize manufacturers who are incorporating new technologies into their manufacturing processes in order to create custom solutions for its customers.

Customization for the Masses

Customization, once considered an option for the very wealthy, is now becoming mainstream not only for consumers but also for manufacturers. The shift in emphasis is resulting in the construction of variety of new partnerships where manufacturers assist other manufacturers in finding a custom solution for a unique problem. Unlike the “build it and they will come” mentality, these endeavors are based in a spirit of collaboration and often result in a quality learning experience for both parties and in a satisfying and innovative technological solution.

At Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) we’ve long prided ourselves on an approach of collaboration that connects us with our customers on a technical level. This includes a number of alliances with other metal finishing companies that enable us to assist our customers with any deburring application. We believe this is the way to create the best solution for each customer.

Collaboration and Connection

This hands-on approach includes inviting customers to our Cleveland plant to participate in the processing and evaluation of the sample part. This process provides the information needed to create an application report detailing processing of the part. After establishing the process, CDMC will determine if a customer’s application can be accommodated with CDMC’s standard deburring application or if a custom application is required. A custom approach might be necessary to meet variables such as part sizes, cycle times and other unique limitations.

Case Study Highlights

  • Brushed Finish
  • Deburring Sintered Metal
  • De-flashing Camshafts
  • Parallel Axis Gears
  • Powdered Metals
  • Salvage Bevel Gears
  • Spiral Bevel Gears
  • Stripping and Recovering Parts

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