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Small Manufacturers Could Hold the Key to Future Industry Growth

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Perspective can be a sneaky thing. Sometimes we find ourselves too close to an event, making everything hyper-magnetized. At these times, everything feels like the extreme because we are too close to look at something in an objective way. Other instances find us too far removed from an event, leaving only a guesstimate about what is occurring. Without the right viewpoint, it’s difficult to know how to begin solving a problem. This changing focus is also evident within the manufacturing industry. Just last month, news articles highlighted the continuing slide of the manufacturing industry, creating speculation a recession could be on the way. Too often this kind of article gains traction in national magazines and is picked up by regional media outlets and delivered as a sweeping statement. In this case, the media insinuated the entire manufacturing industry could be in trouble.

Changing the Vantage Point

Anyone working in any form of business, whether that’s manufacturing or another industry, knows there’s always more than one way of looking at things. In this case there’s the viewpoint of a nonprofit manufacturing advocacy group in Northeast Ohio. Magnet: The Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network, presents an entirely different way of looking at the current industry. Magnet focuses on the growth that’s happening among small- to medium-sized manufacturers located in Northeast Ohio. Ethan Karp, Magnet’s CEO, shared his enthusiasm for the growth of the Power Manufacturing Assembly. This year’s event welcomed double the number of attendees from the previous year. “Ohio offers a passionate and loyal workforce, great infrastructure, and a culture that understands and supports manufacturing,” Karp said in a guest blog published on Crain’s Cleveland Business.

Rethinking Manufacturing

Commentary provided by individuals such as Karp demonstrate that not only is the profile of the industry changing but also the nature of the work done within the industry. Job seekers looking at the manufacturing industry see how the business’s formerly dirty jobs performed for low wages are now jobs that include technology, on-the-job training, and ample skills development. When explored from this new vantage point, it’s easy to see that the general message the public receives regarding the industry is not always accurate.

The Role of Small- and Medium-Sized Manufacturers

Part of being aware of the shift taking place is understanding the role of small- to medium-sized manufacturers in the industry. Because of their smaller size, it can be easier for these manufacturers to focus on innovation and create partnerships designed to provide services and programs that will allow the industry to continue its growth. Manufacturers such as The Cleveland Deburring Machine Company continue to lead this charge by working with customers to find unique solutions for deburring machine applications large and small.

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