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What’s in the Forecast for Ohio’s Manufacturing Economy?

Remember when the Y2K bug left so many of us feeling vulnerable about what could happen, especially when left to the “hands” of technology? Considering the technological advances experienced over the last 15 years, it’s amazing to think how far we have come since the Y2K era. Now things like additive manufacturing is becoming commonplace for re-creating human organs for surgeries or 3-D models for new technologies. When you factor these things into a world where drone use is becoming more common and things like driverless cars is more present than future, the sky really is the limit.

Growth Needed to Remain Competitive

The changes seen around us are the result of evolving needs and changing skill sets will be required to accommodate these expansions. While Ohio continues to gain national attention for its emphasis on new manufacturing technologies and manufacturers reported gains in employment for the 12-month report ending in May, there is still a need for continued growth in the state. Currently, Ohio boasts the strongest economy in the Great Lakes states with strengths in the areas of energy, manufacturing and health care. This lead still remains 2.2 percent behind the growth of the national economy.

Ohio’s Current Stats

  • 17,100 manufacturing job gains
  • 1,900 added jobs
  • Primarily service-related jobs
  • 2.2 percent lag behind national growth

What’s lacking in the State?

Ohio does a good job of welcoming new manufacturers to the state and building up partnerships among non-profits, universities and manufacturers, but one thing it lacks is the presence of high tech enterprises and oil- and gas-production. Both tech and oil and gas production entice new people to an area. Without the presence of necessary skills in terms of tech and the natural presence of oil and gas reserves within the state, the population will continue to grow at a slower rate.

What’s at Surplus in the State?

One thing that Ohio is not lacking is manufacturers willing to go the extra step for their customers. As a manufacturer offering deburring solutions, Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) knows they have the ability to offer deburring services to meet the increasing demand and emphasis on the last manufacturing step. CDMC offers solutions for gears, sprockets, power transmission, powdered metals, fluid power, aerospace and defense and custom applications. We also offer applications suited for descaling, rubber and plastic de-flashing, polishing and honing, abrasive brush machining, aluminum finishing and material removal.

CDMC Deburring Services

  • Aluminum Finishing
  • Bevel Gear Deburring
  • Dual Side Deburring
  • Magnetic Conveyor Deburring
  • Material Removal
  • Parallel Axis Gear Deburring
  • Polishing & Honing
  • Portable Deburring Machines
  • Ring Gear Deburring

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