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Deburring Reduces Unnecessary Workplace Injuries

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Mechanical hazards are always present within the manufacturing environment and in places of mechanical operation. These hazards pop up in any place where bits, blades and presses are in use. With so many potential dangers within the production environment, there are few things as important to a manufacturer as coming up with and maintaining continuous and repeatable safety measures. Better processes used correctly safeguard employees and the machinery they operate.

Avoid Work Stoppages

Despite instituting a host of safety precautions, including the use of safety guards, there can be still be regular safety concerns in manufacturing. These concerns come in the form of burrs on metal and some plastic products. Burrs show up as a thin ridge or area of roughness that occur through the act of cutting and/or shaping during the production process. Although small in nature, burrs can be the cause of stoppages in the production line and safety hazard to employees in the form of workplace injuries like, cuts, bruises, both minor and major.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that is certainly true when it comes to the practice of deburring. Any accident or injury can result in lost time and money. In the bigger picture, accidents add costs in the form of increases in company health benefits costs, product recalls and a need for redesign in some cases. One simple way companies can avoid these issues is a consistent investment in deburring processes. Throughout the manufacturing process, deburring can be a way to keep employees safe through the production of consistent, smooth, clean edges on machinery and parts.

Deburring for Safety

Deburring’s effectiveness relates to the strength of metal, making a consistent finishing process necessary. Soft and easily moldable metals have a higher tendency to burr while hard metals like cast iron are less likely to burr. Because burring projections can be difficult to see with the naked eye, it’s always a good policy to deburr whether the piece looks like it needs it or not. Even the smallest burr can carry the potential to hurt an employee through a cut or damage machinery through jamming, electrical short circuiting or burn out, cut wires and/or fractured edges.

Burrs that are not eliminated through deburring can also cause an increase in friction. Friction occurs when small pieces break off and end up inside of machinery, causing an additional safety issue and a potentially costly fix. If small pieces go unnoticed, there’s a related possibility of the machine in question could overheat without notice.

Deburring provides manufacturers with a safe, flexible and efficient system that keeps workers and equipment safe. Considered the so-called last step of the manufacturing process, deburring can also increase productivity and make the maintenance of parts and machinery easier while eliminating downtime from injuries and slowdowns on the line.

Cost-Effective Deburring

The Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) offers reliable, consistent and repeatable deburring processes in a range of cost-effective deburring solutions. Our deburring offerings suit high-volume, repeatable processes for flexible, easy solutions. Learn why CDMC is the last word on the last step in the manufacturing process.

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Manufacturing Technology Continues to Evolve

For those who see  manufacturing technology as a disrupting force in industry, the rise of technology is not always pleasant. Those working or previously employed in the manufacturing industry know first-hand the impact of machines replacing jobs previously done by humans. It would not be surprising to think fears of this happening again continue to loom in the minds of some manufacturers.

Digital Manufacturing

Despite some misgivings, there is a clear initiative that the manufacturing industry must embrace technology to get back in the collective saddle. The industry’s ongoing skills gap question is a good example of the need to find a better solution. While training programs exist, they still do not necessarily teach the skills needed to prepare an individual for a job in digital manufacturing. This is particularly true for manufacturers that rely on the use of new technologies to speed up the work process. The need for a more technically perceptive work force and an openness to the use of new technologies is a frequent stumbling block for the manufacturing industry. The new industrial revolution calls for a liquid work force made up of individuals with a natural thirst to ride the learning curve and apply new technologies quickly, allowing a business to pivot on a dime.

CDMC Leads the Charge

There is often a correlation with the agility of a company and its size. As a whole, small- to medium-sized business have the ability to combine flexibility and an open mind to learning. At The Cleveland Deburring Machine Company this includes working with our customers to create find unique solutions for deburring machine applications large and small.

If you are in the market for an effective and reliable deburring solution, look no farther than The Cleveland Deburring Machine Company for a custom-tailored solution to a wide variety of client needs. Our no-charge application evaluation includes a detailed report and process description in as little as 3 to 5 business days. Contact CDMC today for a deburring machine that’s right for you.

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The Deburring Advantage of Repeatable and Predictable Processes

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When it comes to deburring operations, customers rely on The Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) for high-volume, repeatable processes. Deburring is often overlooked on the spectrum of important manufacturing processes, but it can play a critical role the improvement of how well a machine performs the first one hundred or thousand times and beyond. The growing sophistication of lasers, turret punching and waterjet cutting machines could mean the potential of edges with burrs or sharp edges. These can be a liability particularly if there’s no established standard of how good an edge really needs to be.

Creation of the CDMC Standard

Sharp tools, precise feed rates and proper die clearance can help eliminate the possibility of mechanical and thermal burrs. The creation of mechanical burrs can occur through the actions of drilling, sawing, routing, punching and shearing. Slag or dross can occur with laser or plasma cutting. Deburring is an effective way to reduce these elements. When it comes to creating the right deburring solution, CDMC relies on its team of highly experienced designers and regular input from the customer on a technical level. We believe this level of involvement by all parties throughout the process is critical to the creation of the best manufacturing solution for an application.

Becoming Part of the Process

The inclusion of the customer throughout the sample part and evaluation process is one element that sets CDMC apart from its competitors. While CDMC offers a range of ready-made deburring solutions for sprockets, gears, aerospace and defense, power transmission, fluid power, and powder metals, that doesn’t mean custom jobs aren’t also welcome. Whether it’s a standard or custom application, the process always begins with an application report designed to assist a customer with understanding the processing of the deburring part. After working alongside the customer to refine the processes and part, CDMC can determine if a custom part is necessary or if one of CDMC’s standard machines might suit the customer’s needs. Variables in part sizes, cycle times and other limitations often require a custom application.

CDMC Deburring Machines

  • Aluminum finishing
  • Bevel Gear deburring
  • Descaling machine
  • Dual Side deburring
  • Magnetic Conveyor deburring
  • Material Removal
  • Parallel Axis Gear deburring
  • Portable deburring
  • Polishing and Honing
  • Ring Gear deburring
  • Rubber and Plastic deflashing

CDMC Offers Real Options for Deburring Applications

There’s a good chance a deburring solution such as profile chamfering with the CDMC Model 1000, CDMC Model 1002 or CDMC Model 2000, brush deburring with the OLS Model 2003-GB or OLS Model Mag 1C, or a custom application could dramatically improve the consistency and reliability of any high-volume processes. For more information about creating a standard, easy-to-adjust or custom deburring solution, reach out to the CDMC manufacturing experts. Our no-charge application evaluation includes a detailed report and process description followed by quick delivery and long-term, helpful customer service. If you are in the market for an effective and reliable deburring solution, look no farther than The Cleveland Deburring Machine Company for a custom-tailored solution. Contact CDMC today for a deburring solution that is best for you.

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