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Manufacturing Technology Continues to Evolve

For those who see  manufacturing technology as a disrupting force in industry, the rise of technology is not always pleasant. Those working or previously employed in the manufacturing industry know first-hand the impact of machines replacing jobs previously done by humans. It would not be surprising to think fears of this happening again continue to loom in the minds of some manufacturers.

Digital Manufacturing

Despite some misgivings, there is a clear initiative that the manufacturing industry must embrace technology to get back in the collective saddle. The industry’s ongoing skills gap question is a good example of the need to find a better solution. While training programs exist, they still do not necessarily teach the skills needed to prepare an individual for a job in digital manufacturing. This is particularly true for manufacturers that rely on the use of new technologies to speed up the work process. The need for a more technically perceptive work force and an openness to the use of new technologies is a frequent stumbling block for the manufacturing industry. The new industrial revolution calls for a liquid work force made up of individuals with a natural thirst to ride the learning curve and apply new technologies quickly, allowing a business to pivot on a dime.

CDMC Leads the Charge

There is often a correlation with the agility of a company and its size. As a whole, small- to medium-sized business have the ability to combine flexibility and an open mind to learning. At The Cleveland Deburring Machine Company this includes working with our customers to create find unique solutions for deburring machine applications large and small.

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