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High-Volume Repeatable Deburring Processes

It could be said that the small-output manufacturing industry often requires no more than a basic, caster-based or cart deburring machine with a single conveyor. The volume of parts output may be low, but these less-costly deburring solutions are driven by a 1 HP reversible motor, operate on 110 volt current, and offer a low-cost deburring solution. The programmable cycle inherent to a number of these machines does offer repeatability. They are excellent deburring solutions for the small manufacturing market, but the needs of the high-volume industry require more speed, control, and systems that are capable of accommodating volume and productivity needs with consistently-reliable results.

In the high-volume deburring market there is a genuine need for processes that result in consistently-reliable output. The parts finishing processes of the past – many of which were executed entirely by hand – are no longer suited to the manufacturing needs and speeds of today. Therefore, the deburring industry has reacted to the demand with a number of product and system improvements that are fitted to the needs of the high-volume market.

The response to the market need for high-volume, repeatable deburring machinery includes a number of through-feed, in-line deburring machines that were designed and developed for high production and consistent product output. Many of these types of high-production deburring machines feature magnetic conveyors, integrated cooling systems, and Auto Amp Compensation systems that maintain constant brush pressure (which produces consistent quality and maximizes brush media usage).

The CDMC Mag series deburring machines allow for auto-loading of parts to be deburred – reducing labor costs. The Mag series machines can accommodate parts from 1/8” to 4” thick and up to 6” in diameter. Additional features such as demagnetization also make the CDMC Mag series machines an excellent solution for deburring powdered metal greenware pieces before sintering.

The CDMC Model 3000 is a unique choice for the high-volume small-bevel gear deburring market, due to the fact that it features a dual-spindle indexing arm that allows for loading and unloading of one spindle while a part on the second spindle is being deburred.

The OLS Model 5000 allows manual or robotic loading. The Model 5000 is an excellent deburring solution choice that offers precise, high quality, and high-functioning deburring results (top and bottom) without having to manually flip the parts. The zero-setup software feature allows for all part-specific deburring variables to be set, recorded, and stored within the machine program for quick recall and use. In addition, the OLS 5000 offers an auto door and a touch screen user interface.

Given the need for high-volume repeatable deburring processes, the deburring solutions on the market today must be able to provide the quickest delivery and the most cost effective solution to suit any deburring need for a range of parts and finishes.

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