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Deburring and Productivity in Manufacturing

gear deburring

Routine maintenance is an essential part of any manufacturing operation. As any piece of equipment with moving parts is expected to someday fail, most forward-thinking operations and facilities managers have an equipment maintenance plan on their schedule.

Everything from the HVAC systems above the production floor to the lifts down below should be serviced and maintained on a regular schedule to avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly downtime. The reason for this is simple: one small piece of equipment can stall production in a manufacturing environment and cost the company thousands of dollars (if not more) in lost productivity and output. As such, operations and facilities managers take a hard look at the equipment on the manufacturing line – scrutinizing those machines that perform much of the actual manufacturing work. And, of course, one area of special consideration for any piece of manufacturing equipment is gear and sprocket deburring. If it has gears and sprockets, it’s bound to generate burrs as it operates. These burrs need to be removed to keep the machinery performing well.

At the Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC), we’ve developed a special expertise in deburring gears and sprockets. Some of our clients are in manufacturing, others are in parts assembly, but each is concerned with keeping their manufacturing or production lines at peak performance by adding gear and sprocket deburring to their regular equipment maintenance schedule.

With a team of highly-experienced engineers, designers, and manufacturers on staff, who pride themselves on their ability to evaluate deburring problems and create custom-tailored solutions, CDMC is bound to have a solution to fit nearly any need. For timing sprockets, Model 1000 offers solid productivity, in just a 48″ x 48″ footprint. Powerful, yet compact. CDMC also has solutions for two-row sprockets and three-row sprockets.

When it comes to deburring gears, we have a number machines that can be set up or customized to handle any nearly any gear application. Model 5000 is a powerhouse that offers consistent, repeatable results. Model 5000 is often used to deburr parallel-axis gears. For ring gears, Model 1220 Deburring Machine can handle sizes up to 15″ in diameter. With its large diameter nylon radial brush, Model 3000 is a perfect machine for standard bevel gears. Spiral bevel gears up to 48″ in diameter are easily deburred in our Model 3040-RF Deburring Machine. And for pump gears, the OLS series can be set up to deburr the gear profile on both surfaces in one simple rotation.

Although many processes are the same, given the analogous nature of many types of gears and sprockets, CDMC knows that operations and facilities managers in the manufacturing or parts assembly industry often have specific needs. Fortunately, CDMC is available to discuss solutions and find one that is right for nearly any application. And as the designers and engineers at CDMC know that uninterrupted productivity keeps manufacturing running smoothly, we’re always ready to help companies identify a cost-effective solution that will drive their production growth.

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