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The team at CDMC are experts in the world of deburring for automotive & transportation parts, using a variety of deburring methods. We serve both first-tier and second-tier suppliers, but no matter the product, our machines help businesses like your control costs, quality and output.

We craft standard and custom solutions for a large array of parts including:

  • Engine components
  • Transmission components
  • Gears and sprockets
  • Clutch parts
  • Cam shafts
  • And, of course, many, many more

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Abrasive Machined Sprocket Deburring

A manufacturer of automotive sprockets needed a low-profile deburring machine to fit into a finished manufacturing cell. Due to the lack of a deburring solution in the already finished cell, this machine had to be exceptionally small while still including all necessary media to obtain the desired part quality. A custom design was required to allow the machine to be loaded by an existing robot.

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Automotive Gear Deburring

A manufacturer of automotive sprockets and gears required a deburring solution for extremely high quantity work pieces. The machine needed to be efficient and produce results within a short cycle time. Parts were to arrive via customer conveyor system and required an auto loading system. A coolant system was required to aid tool life along with an external parts washer post-deburr.

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General Powdered Metal Component Deburring

A manufacturer of variable cam timing components needed large scale deburring solutions for two separate parts. These machines had to be robust and capable of processing hundreds of thousands of pieces within a short cycle time per piece. Wet and dry applications were both required along with any plumbing/dust collection, respectively. Any exterior part transfer must be safety guarded.

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Powdered Metal Transmission Component Deburring

A manufacturer of various automotive clutch components needed a solution to deburr large production quantities of flat metal rings. These machines needed to process many parts in a short period of time while taking up as little shop space as possible. The ability to treat a masked ID on some parts was also required along with dust collection for the dry process.

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Automotive Transmission Component Deburring

A ‘Big Three’ automotive manufacturer needed a small machine to deburr operator loaded transmission gears.

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Engine Component Deburring

A manufacturer of fuel pump components needed a deburring solution for an extremely high-volume part. A number of ops were needed to be done in a limited cycle time and footprint. A coolant system was required to aid the cutting process/machine cleanliness along with a custom front panel assembly for an eventual robot loader. Safety implementations were required to account for a potential operator load.

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Variable Cam Timing Component Deburring

A manufacturer of variable cam timing components needed the ability to brush flat parts on both sides. This customer works in very high volumes and needed machines to satisfy thousands of parts per day. To aid with brush life and machine cleanliness, a wet process was required.

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