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We use robots differently than most.  Our primary focus on deburring has lead us to think outside the conventional methods and practices of using robotic components for robotic solutions.  Continue to learn more.

Transmission Component Descaling and Deburring

A manufacturer of automotive drive train components needed an autonomous solution to descale/polish shaft sections and deburr the “crown” section of an input shaft. The work cell had to be capable of taking the work piece from an incoming conveyor, through a work cycle and to an outgoing conveyor without human interaction.

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Blender Body Finishing

A manufacturer of kitchen appliances required a way to efficiently and uniformly polish stainless steel blender body covers prior to final clear coat. Once a robotic deburring process had been agreed upon, a work cell had to be put in place with the necessary safety implementations.

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Large Gear Deburring and Finishing

A manufacturer of various large gears needed an intelligent deburring system to chamfer a wide range of gears. The size/weight of some gears required the ability to gantry load the machine and a robust part drive spindle. Unique solutions were needed for an auto/safety door assembly, due to the height required to house some of the customer’s applications.

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Robotic Gear Deburring and Chamfering

Numerous manufacturers of automotive gears/shafts used in steering systems and drive trains required a universal system to deburr/chamfer a wide range of parts. This machine had to have a small footprint and be versatile, capable, easily comprehended, and comply with any/all safety requirements. Some customers have custom paint requirements as well.

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Aluminum Extrusion Deburring

An automotive manufacturer required an autonomous solution for burrs created when machining aluminum bracketry. Burrs were located on inside and outside of extrusion edges and webbing. The customer specified no loose material could fall from these brackets post-deburr

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Cutting Tool Edge Preparation

Numerous tool manufacturers requested the ability to auto load large pallets of tools into CDMC/MET tool prep machines.

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