Used Deburring Machines

At CDMC, we realize that not every customer is in the market for a new piece of equipment.  We also realize that there can be a benefit for a customer to upgrade or replace an existing deburring machine, and in some cases it makes sense to trade-in an old machine for credit against a new piece of equipment.

In addition to this, CDMC can also provide a rebuilding or retrofit service for many different deburring machines.  We have built, rebuilt, serviced and retrofit many machines, including machines built by other manufacturers.

Unlike purchasing a used deburring machine from an auction or a surplus dealer, CDMC can offer our experience and technical knowledge of deburring applications to make sure that the machine is a good fit for your deburring application.  This page is meant to provide a resource for customers looking to purchase a used deburring machine, as well as customers looking to trade in or sell their existing deburring machine.  If you are in the market for a used deburring machine, or are looking to upgrade or trade in your machine, please contact us for more information.


Available Used Deburring Machines