Industries Served Compact Solutions

In the fuel and energy sector, we know that deburring can be especially critical—from fuel systems with small or intersecting holes to complex parts within energy solutions. We know deburring, and we’ve built countless solutions for the fuel and energy industry to help our customers’ offer some of the most innovative systems on the market. Plus, confidentiality is king. With CDMC, your proprietary compact solutions are protected and perfected.

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Industrial Gears

A manufacturer of automotive gears needed various small capacity deburring solutions.  Certain gears would arrive on conveyor systems, so automated loaders were required in some cases.  Other cases required an auto door for easy hand loading. 

Automotive Gears

A manufacturer of various transmission gears needed a low-cost solution for piece-work deburring.  The machine could be low capacity but required a small footprint.  A mobile spindle and front auto door were required so that the machine could be robot and human loaded.  A coolant system was required to aid in cutting and with cleanliness. 

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Off Road Vehicle Components

A manufacturer of various recreational vehicle gears requested a partial machine that could be sent to them and customized by them. 

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Motorcycle Camshafts

A manufacturer of motorcycle cam shafts needed an affordable, small-scale deburring solution. 

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Near Net Forged Components

A manufacturer of diff gears needed a low-cost deburring solution.  This machine was to be hand loaded and treat one gear at a time. 

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