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Whether your business manufactures thousands of parts per hour or dozens per day, the expert team at CDMC can help you deliver higher quality and more controlled costs and output for your heavy equipment parts. Plus, throughout our work across sectors, CDMC has developed special expertise in gear deburring techniques and applications. For many of our clients, we help them find a custom solution to deburr a specific part, from complex power transmissions to big and small gears.

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Spiral Bevel Gears

Various heavy equipment manufacturers require affordable solutions to deburring/chamfering large gears for tractors and construction equipment.  These machines must be capable of being gantry loaded due to the weight of the work piece.  In almost all gear chamfering applications, gear rotation must be monitored as to achieve a consistent chamfer and not overlap and cause mismatched cut dimensions. 

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Agricultural Ring Gears

A manufacturer of small & heavy agricultural equipment required a light edge break to multiple sharp corners of gear ID and OD.  The customer’s cycle time requirement dictated that inside and outside diameters must be processed in tandem, preventing the ability to hold/drive the work piece in a traditional fashion.  The customer also required more advanced safety implementations. 

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Mining Torque Rods

A manufacturer of large mining equipment required a solution to remove scale and improve surface finish on a family of axle shafts.  Customer optioned for a wet application (coolant to cool parts/media and help with cut) and the inclusion of an external work station for wash down/extra operations. 

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Heavy Equipment Gears

A manufacturer of heavy equipment power train components required a chamfer to be put on both sides of a helical gear.  For this application, there could be absolutely no residual material left over by the grinder cut.  These gears were moderately heavy, requiring a robust shuttle system…

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Diesel Engine Camshafts

A manufacturer of heavy equipment needed a brushing machine to deburr cam shaft lobes and undercuts.  They also required a mobile work area for easy load/unload.  Advanced safety implementations were also required.

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