Ring Gear Deburring

Model 1220 Deburring Machine

This CDMC Model is capable of deburring ring gears up to 15” in diameter in two steps. The grinding wheel removes the heavy exit burr, then a nylonring gear deburring cup brush follows to remove the residual burr. Integrated dust collection. operator loaded machine which can accommodate auto-loading robots.

ring gear

Model 9005 Deburring Machine

deburring machineFor larger parts up to 24” in diameter, CDMC has a larger base machine built around a unique loading platform and a large diameter wire brush which approaches the part from below.

The gear is loaded and rolled forward against the loading stops. The part is trapped and driven by a small rubber tire while the wire brush deburrs the passing profile. CDMC’s exclusive Auto Amp Compensation system maintains constant brush pressure throughout the life of the brushes for consistent quality and maximum media usage. Integrated coolant system for long brush life.

We welcome our customers to come to Cleveland and participate in the sample part processing and evaluation. We have many different types of processes that we can utilize depending on the part requirements. We will then create an application report, which includes process details and photographs to help the customer understand how their part has been processed.

Once a process is established and proves to be effective, we will then evaluate if the process is well suited to one of our standard machines, or if we need to start with a clean slate. Most applications can be accommodated by a standard machine, however, certain variables such as cycle times, part sizes, and other specific limitations may require a custom deburring application.

Depending on the part or parts to be processed, and the customer’s understanding of the part requirements, this process of evaluation can be bypassed. Our standard machines have clearly defined capabilities that can be found in the technical description of each machine. If you do have a deburring or metal finishing application, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call. We would love to hear from you.

We offer a no-charge application evaluation which will provide you with a detailed application report and process description. Please contact us to send an inquiry. Standard application evaluations are turned around in 3-5 business days.

deburr evaluation