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Celebrating National Manufacturing Day

national manufacturing day

This month marks the fifth anniversary of National Manufacturing Day. Over the last five years, the industry continues to step up its efforts to offer the public an updated view of the manufacturing industry. The wide-reaching initiative includes addressing common misperceptions that continue to plague the industry such as all manufacturing jobs being dirty or that the pay is not as good as in other industries. Through a concentrated effort, the industry is working to demonstrate that by working together, the industry can connect with future generations; their parents and academics in order to addressed the skilled labor shortage.

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One of the issues that continue to plague the industry is a misunderstanding off all that can be done through manufacturing. Many people still see the industry as encapsulated in line work where one part or pieced is passed down the line to be finished. While this work still takes place, it is often accompanied by infusions of cutting-edge technology that allow for the creation of new and innovative products. People also don’t always recognize how integrated the manufacturing industry is with other industries such as medical and aeronautics or flight-capable machines.

Working Together

As a single manufacturer, fighting these misperceptions could feel like an uphill battle, but as an effort taken by the whole industry it becomes a way to help both communities and future generations. The goal to bring the manufacturing industry into the mainstream is headed by the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, the International Association of Manufacturers, the Manufacturing Extension Partnership and the Manufacturing Institute. These co-producers are working with more than 200+ 2016 event hosts to “amplify individual manufacturing and coordinate common concerns and challenges.”

Open Doors, Open Minds

One of the best ways to demonstrate how the manufacturing industry can provide safe, clean and rewarding careers is to show people first-hand. On Friday, Oct. 7, manufacturers throughout the nation will open their doors for tours and open houses. This is a prime opportunities for students, parents and educators to see for themselves the innovation and possibilities possible in the manufacturing industry. With a goal of continually improving the perception of the industry, The Manufacturing Institute, a co-sponsor, teams with Deloitte to produce a Public Perception Index. The Manufacturing Institute will distribute the annual survey to 2,500+ site hosts. The industry anticipates seeing an even-greater change in perception following the month-long October event.

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