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Manufacturing Day Improves Public Perception of the Industry

national manufacturing day

When push comes to shove, most of us would choose to link ourselves with a winning initiative. This is true from a very young age when we carefully chose teams in gym class or on the courts or fields after school. The same is true of the work and careers we pursue. For too long the manufacturing industry has found itself unable to completely break from the old perceptions of the work being dirty and less lucrative when compared with other industries.

Evolution in Progress

Manufacturing is analyzing the best ways to improve the public’s perception of the industry. National Manufacturing Day, celebrated Friday, Oct. 7, and continuing throughout the month has a priority of improving perceptions of manufacturing with students and educators. Last year’s Deloitte Perception Survey found that 94 percent of National Manufacturing Day event hosts found value in participating in the national event with 95 percent planning to participate again.

Student Perceptions

90% found National Manufacturing Day tours engaging and interesting

84% cited greater awareness of manufacturing jobs in their community

81% left convinced manufacturing careers are rewarding and interesting

62% felt more motivated to pursue a manufacturing career

Outside Influences

While students remain a key group of influencers for the industry, perhaps even more important is demonstrating the positives to parents and educators. The importance of working with this group cannot be overstated. This is true because these individuals are more likely to remember the struggles encountered by the industry and as a result may not be comfortable with its promotion without ample facts and reasons.

Educator Perceptions

93% left more convinced manufacturing can provide interesting and rewarding careers

91% found the activities and tours interesting and engaging

88% felt more aware of manufacturing jobs in the community

Next Steps

With continuing initiatives such as National Manufacturing Month, the industry has a platform in which to share how change is inevitable and in the manufacturing industry, that is the sign of good things to come.

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