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A Reliable Deburring Solution is Important to Manufacturers

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When looked at in isolation, a thin raised ridge or a spot of roughness might seem like no big problem. With caution, these areas could be worked around and those dealing with the product could be extra cautious. What’s not considered is how a raised edge or rough area has the potential to compromise the productivity of a manufacturing line as well as jeopardize the safety of those working the line.

Deburring Solution

Therefore, finding a reliable deburring solution is so important to manufacturers. Deburring is a proven process to eliminate thin ridges from a variety of metal materials as well as eliminate rough spots and burrs that can cause damage to a machine and a human. Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) offers several deburring solutions to manufacturers and markets.

Deburring Needs

With the ability to build and configure deburring machine solutions for next to any application, CDMC recommends beginning your needs assessment by looking at some of the standard deburring practices such as gears, sprockets, powdered materials and fluid power parts. Once initial needs are determined, CDMC can help tailor a deburring solution to the exacting requirements of each customer.

Standard Deburring Practices

Fluid Power Parts are available in many sizes and shapes. These components include gearmotors, pump housings and pump gears. When considering a deburring practice, it’s important to consider the parts from many angles. To meet these varying angles, the deburring process must apply consistent brush pressure. This ensures the multi-faceted parts receive adequate preparation on all sides as well as above and below.

Gears are an essential element of machines. The use which dates back into the third century with applications by Greek mechanics. Consistent usage of gears creates burrs. This is true for several gears including a parallel axis gear, a ring gear, bevel gear or a pump gear. Use creates wear and a deburring process, used consistently, can keep gears functioning effectively for the long-term.

Powdered metals are metal parts not yet exposed to the sintering process. As a result, this fragile greenware demands care in handling and deburring. Powdered metals also cannot be magnetized during any part of the pre-sintering process. Do not fear! CDMC is here to help with special needs. We have deburring solutions ready to accommodate any special handling requirements and output needs.

Sprocket is a loose definition for any wheel form possessing radial projections. These offshoots help engage passing chain, track and tread. Applications for sprockets are large and small, from massive tanks on the battlefield to luminous film passing through a projector. CDMC can meet demands for sprocket deburring throughout the automation and manufacturing industries, offering solutions for sprockets on both faces and multi-row sprockets, too.

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Injecting Creativity into STEM via STEAM

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There’s no doubt STEM (science, technology, math and engineering) is an important subject and one with the potential to mend the ongoing skills gap happening within the manufacturing industry. To date, it’s been thought the key to spreading the word is through continuing exposure to STEM-related classes at an early age and presenting STEM material in a way that makes learning fun.

Elevating STEM

A newer development in the STEM movement is STEAM, providing the addition of creativity to traditional STEM with a dose of the arts. STEAM projects help students to not only think analytically but also inventively. The addition of arts to traditional science, math, engineering and technology is a way to keep the learning fun and encourage brainstorming on another level. Another benefit of STEAM is the addition of a tactile element to traditional STEM exploration. For example, this could include activities such as building a circuit that lights up a tiny LED light or activating a volcano explosion through the chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar, a perennial favorite.

Looking Beyond Schools

Since the discussion of STEM first came to the forefront, educators, legislators and business leaders have looked to the traditional school setting to build momentum for STEM from an early age. While STEM education is often covered in some form in elementary, middle and high school, another educational resource is stepping to the forefront. The public library, once solely thought of as a repository of books, is becoming a beloved scene for STEAM projects and Maker activities. With a growing number of public libraries offering Maker projects and activities, the library is a natural setting to make traditional learning more fun. In addition to reading about a subject, the STEAM element provides a hands-on, tactile approach to help the learning “stick.” This might include a theme about railroads and bridges where children have the opportunity to build structures out of toothpicks or pieces of dried pasta.

Learning for a Lifetime

These new approaches have the ability to take learning to a new level and make it fun and memorable. It is also a way to encourage exploration and problem solving for a lifetime of learning. This level of curiosity is something offering the ability to elevate traditional STEM work into something that could change the industry in the future through creative thought and innovation.

About CDMC

If you’re in need of a reliable deburring solution, talk to the deburring experts at The Cleveland Deburring Machine Company. We can provide a deburring solution for gears, sprockets, aerospace and defense, power transmission, powdered metals, fluid power and custom deburring applications. Our no-charge application evaluation includes a detailed report and process description in as little as 3 to 5 business days. Contact CDMC today for a deburring machine that’s right for you.

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Manufacturing Day Improves Public Perception of the Industry

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When push comes to shove, most of us would choose to link ourselves with a winning initiative. This is true from a very young age when we carefully chose teams in gym class or on the courts or fields after school. The same is true of the work and careers we pursue. For too long the manufacturing industry has found itself unable to completely break from the old perceptions of the work being dirty and less lucrative when compared with other industries.

Evolution in Progress

Manufacturing is analyzing the best ways to improve the public’s perception of the industry. National Manufacturing Day, celebrated Friday, Oct. 7, and continuing throughout the month has a priority of improving perceptions of manufacturing with students and educators. Last year’s Deloitte Perception Survey found that 94 percent of National Manufacturing Day event hosts found value in participating in the national event with 95 percent planning to participate again.

Student Perceptions

90% found National Manufacturing Day tours engaging and interesting

84% cited greater awareness of manufacturing jobs in their community

81% left convinced manufacturing careers are rewarding and interesting

62% felt more motivated to pursue a manufacturing career

Outside Influences

While students remain a key group of influencers for the industry, perhaps even more important is demonstrating the positives to parents and educators. The importance of working with this group cannot be overstated. This is true because these individuals are more likely to remember the struggles encountered by the industry and as a result may not be comfortable with its promotion without ample facts and reasons.

Educator Perceptions

93% left more convinced manufacturing can provide interesting and rewarding careers

91% found the activities and tours interesting and engaging

88% felt more aware of manufacturing jobs in the community

Next Steps

With continuing initiatives such as National Manufacturing Month, the industry has a platform in which to share how change is inevitable and in the manufacturing industry, that is the sign of good things to come.

About CDMC

Located in northeast Ohio, Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) is dedicated to providing deburring solutions for gears, sprockets, aerospace and defense, power transmission, powdered metals deburring, fluid power and custom deburring solutions. CDMC’s no-charge application evaluation includes a detailed report and process description in as little as 3 to 5 business days. Contact CDMC today for a deburring machine that’s right for you.

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