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Will Manufacturing Be a Focus for the United States?

United States manufacturing

This month was the annual State of the Union address by the President. As always, there was great anticipation about what would be covered and also much speculation about how those items would affect individuals and industry in the coming months.

It will come as no surprise that the speech found approval by some but overall more critique than approval. One of the most highly anticipated topics of the evening was that of the state of manufacturing. Over several blog topics last year we talked about some of the changes happening in the manufacturing industry.

Making Manufacturing a Goal for All

A number of the changes in manufacturing were positive including the growth of jobs in the industry as well as an increased commitment from politicians and lawmakers. Part of this increased attention included introducing those individuals coming of working age to positions available in the manufacturing industry and creating excitement about beginning a career in manufacturing.

While all of this is important to the industry as a whole, many of those who listened to the State of the Union address found the emphasis on manufacturing to be lacking, especially concerning the reshoring effort. During the address, the President mentioned the addition of 786,000 manufacturing jobs in the U.S. but what a number of news articles pointed out after the speech was that those jobs were not created as a result of reshoring.

Translating Talk into Action

Throughout the last 12 months, much has been written on the topics of manufacturing and reshoring but other than a general sense of positivity and a belief that it could be done, there still exists a lag between words and action. This lack of action was cited as cause for concern by Jay Timmons, the president and chief executive office of the National Association of Manufacturers. Timmons was quoted as saying that while the existing changes in manufacturing were positive, there was still a lot of work to be done, including necessary changes in the tax system.

At Cleveland Deburring Machine Company we’ve observed time after time, that in order to make the importance of manufacturing understood and appreciated by another audience it’s necessary to make a connection with the customer first on a technical level. When this doesn’t happen, it’s very difficult to determine the best solution for the individual application.

Through a thorough evaluation of each customer’s needs, we can determine if one of our standard machines will fit the bill or if a custom deburring application is required. Our deburring machines are available for applications such a magnetic conveying, dual side, spiral bevel grear, bevel grear, ring gear, descaling, polishing and honing, deflashing and portable deburring. CDMC also offers custom solution as well as used deburring machines that can be retrofit for your company’s needs.

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