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Customization Provides a Positive Approach for Manufacturing for the New Year

It’s a New Year and with that comes a number of opportunities, both personal and professional, to wipe the slate clean, if needed, or to continue on a positive trajectory begun last year. As we wrote about a number of times last year, the manufacturing industry continued to see positive gains for much of 2014, garnering a continuous growth pattern that brought new excitement to counties, states, lawmakers, politicians, factory owners, educators and potential new employees.

Now that it’s officially January, we are continuing to see a positive route that’s buoyed by falling gas prices and continued growth in the manufacturing economy that’s starting the year off on a good note for manufacturers, according the Association of Business and Industry. That sentiment was also shared in a Forbes article written last fall by Bill Connerly who forecasted that the best manufacturing outlook included manufacturers who required natural gas, a minimum of labor and the flexibility of meeting the evolving needs of customers.

Customization is Key

While no one can deny the relief and financial benefit of filling a gas tank for less than we’ve been able to do for the last couple of years, we also know that gas prices, like any commodity, will have the tendency to fluctuate as a result of a number of factors. One thing though that the workers at Cleveland Deburring Machine Company believe will make an even bigger impact is the ability of a company and its employees to make products that are customized and unique to the customers that it assists.

No longer can customization be considered a trend. Its prevalence can be seen everywhere from the DIY network on cable to the proliferation of websites that allow customers to create or purchase a unique item. Even the chain restaurants whose success depends on repeatable processes is looking for ways to add a custom note, whether that’s a choice of ten different kinds of pizza crust toppings at Pizza Hut or fast food restaurants that look to mimic the customization of independent coffee shops.

Inspiration for Today and Tomorrow

We believe that this spirit of producing truly unique products will continue to be the inspiration for a growing and changing manufacturing industry in the United States. Cleveland Deburring Machine Company provides custom deburring solutions including profile chamfering and brush deburring. From our CDMC Model 1000, to the CDMC Models 1002 and 2002 we’ve created applications that provide a simple, efficient and economical way to deburr sprockets, gears and other parts. Each of the processes can also include the application of carbide rotary files (burs), deburring wheels, or a combination of the two processes. This is not what makes what CDMC does unique. What makes CDMC successful is a curiosity and willingness to work directly with our customers to create a custom solution that builds on our many years of deburring experience.


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