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What’s next for the Manufacturing Sector?

It’s certainly a good time to be in the field of manufacturing with industry growth reported to be increasing yet again this past month. As a local Ohio based manufacturer we’ve observed some of the ups in the industry as well as the downs, and we’re happy to see the industry on the positive side of things.

As you can imagine, the sector’s continued growth has a number of news outlets talking about it and also adding some speculation on how the industry will need to change and evolve to not only attract new blood to the sector but also continue to remain competitive throughout the rapid evolution.

Recently, NPR has focused on a number of industry-related topics including changes in the industry, whether there is actually a skills gap, and the role of apprenticeships in the industry. As with any industry, the skills needed for the job depend on the needs of those contracting with the manufacturing institute. In some cases this could be the production of items that support several industries as in the case of products that were once produced for the automobile industry that then evolved to play a role in the aerospace industry.

Other examples include the evolution of employment within the manufacturing industry. Now there is a need not only for mechanical-savvy technicians but also an individual who also is able to troubleshoot applications using technology and computers. Different skill sets for sure, but all fall under the umbrella of manufacturing, which continues to show how the industry as a whole is continually moving, changing and adapting to suit the needs of the industries depending on it.

This can also be seen in the number of manufacturing-based communities that are popping up across the United States to support medical technologies, aerospace and automotive manufacturing. No longer is manufacturing content with producing a one-size-fits-all product for one industry. Today it’s all about creating custom solutions for the client, whatever the industry.

Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) supplies unique deburring solutions for customers throughout the nation. Over the years, our processes have evolved to include deburring solutions for gears, aerospace and defense, sprockets, power transmission, powdered metals, fluid power and custom applications.

Each project begins with a request to see your current manufacturing process along with the part or parts that you are looking to deburr. Because of range of available deburring applications, we have a range of processes that we can use to determine the best deburring solution. This is a small microcosm view of how manufacturing is continually evolving to meet the changing needs of the industry.

After establishing the right process, CDMC then evaluates to see if the process works with one of our standard solutions or if a truly customized solution is required. Variables such as part sizes, cycle times and other limitations may create the need for a custom deburring solution. No matter if it’s standard or custom, CDMC is your source for the right deburring solution for your application.

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