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The CDMC Custom Solutions Process

At the Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC), we take a lot of pride in our ability to design and develop custom deburring solutions that can be modified to fit a variety of applications. We employ a team of experts in design, engineering, and manufacturing, and we stand confident that there is a solution to fit almost every need.

One of our customers – a member of the automotive manufacturing industry, who works specifically in engine components – brought to us a need to de-scale and de-flash forged camshafts. Their old method was to perform the process by hand, but the process was difficult to perform and returned inconsistent results. The CDMC solution featured a four-head brush array that featured a specially-developed urethane impregnated brush core. The system also made use of a containment system for all the resulting iron oxide scale – a necessary part of the solution that would allow operators to later collect and dispose of the particulate matter in a manner that was in alignment with industry regulations. The custom-designed CDMC system was a highly productive, reliable, and repeatable solution that allowed the customer to virtually eliminate a labor-intensive process and, going forward, save on labor costs associated with camshaft de-scaling and de-flashing.

Although we have a number of deburring machines that can be easily adapted to meet a variety of needs, there is no “one-size fits all” mentality within the company. Instead, we subscribe to a “custom solutions are precise solutions” theory. And given that we speak to a broad range of clients from all industries and sectors, we often create custom deburring solutions to their precise needs. As such, we encourage those interested in a deburring solution to contact us and speak to one of the members of our design and manufacturing team.

It may be beneficial to many prospective clients to know that we offer a free application evaluation and provide a detailed application report. In other words, you provide CDMC with a part and a case, and we’ll evaluate every aspect of the situation and return with a solution. There may be an existing deburring solution that fits your exact needs, but we may also recommend a modification to an existing machine or an entirely custom deburring solution that will best handle the concern.

We’ve earned a name for ourselves in the industry as the go-to guys for custom deburring solutions. And we’re always ready to hear about a new challenge.

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