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Descaling Saves Tool Life and Ensures a Consistent Product

In spite of our name, there’s more to what we do here at the Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) than just deburring machines. We’ve made machines to provide almost any mass finishing and material removal solution, from aluminum finishing and abrasive brush machining, to polishing and honing, deflashing, and descaling. We employ a team of expert designers and manufacturers, and have alliances with companies that specialize in other types of machining, in order to ensure that each and every customer gets the exact solution for their particular finishing needs.

One of the many solutions we’ve built machines to offer over the years is descaling. Descaling is the removal of hard deposits that can build up over time, often formed by chemicals found in water. Descaling solutions may be used to remove lime scale, calcium, rust, and other non-soluble deposits. Most people are familiar with the concept of descaling from their own home coffee machines!

The buildup of scale on molds and machine parts can lead to a wide variety of problems. Buildup can produce uneven wear, reduce tool life, and slow or even halt production. Buildup can also lead to inconsistencies in manufactured product, causing a part to turn unevenly, or producing unexpected edges or ridges in finished details. Descaling eliminates this build, and leads to faster, more efficient, and more consistent production, as well as big savings on tool life and wear.

Descaling can be accomplished by a variety of methods, including manual, mechanical, and chemical descaling. At CDMC, one of our basic machines is the model 9005 descaling machine, which was designed to remove scale from cast counter-balancers before the turning process. In the machine, a pair of wire brushes travel over the length of the cast counter-balancer to descale it, while an auxiliary grinder is also on-hand in case of casting defects that might develop in the mold over time.

The model 9005 is an example of a machine that was built to address a specific need, but at CDMC we’re dedicated to providing customized finishing solutions for any mass finishing problem. If one of our standard machines isn’t right for your process, then our team of experts will work with you to find or custom-build one that is. We evaluate each customer’s needs individually, and work with you to find the solution that fits your needs, and we offer a no-cost application evaluation, which helps us to identify your needs and plan the exact right solutions for you. Whether it’s descaling, deflashing, deburring, or any other mass finishing process that you need, be sure to contact CDMC and we’ll help you to achieve it.

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