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CDMC Case Studies Show Flexible Solutions and Benefits

At the Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC), we’ve helped a number of manufacturing and industrial clients find deburring solutions that reduced processes, increased productivity, and saved costs. And although our clients and customers come from myriad industries across the vast manufacturing landscape, most come to CDMC looking for a deburring solution that offers consistent, repeatable deburring results. Over the course of our many years, we’ve assembled a number of deburring case studies that illustrate the challenges our customers initially faced, as well as the solutions we provided and the resulting benefits.

One of our customers brought a brushed finished need to our attention. At the time we began working with their company, they were contracted to provide stamped metal parts that required a brushed finish. The parts were being later used to build doors for a series of front-loaded clothes washers and dryers. The challenge faced by the client was that the brushed finish needed to be almost perfectly uniform from one workpiece to the next. The process they had in place before seeking aid from CDMC involved a turntable that was rotated by hand – set beneath a woven abrasive material that was attached to a fixed drill head. The client wasn’t able to create the uniformity of product that was expected of them. For the solution, CDMC employed an operator-loaded Model 9060 machine that could apply an incredibly-consistent finish to each aluminum workpiece. In addition, the entire brushed finish process could be executed in a seven-second time limit. The client, seeing that CDMC had created a solution in which every variable was highly-controlled, was confident that all needs had been addressed exactly and agreed to the solution proposed by our company.

Another of our customers brought a challenge to our attention that involved the deburring of a variety of powdered metal parts. The problem with their original deburring plan was that the parts had to be manually flipped by an operator so that each side could be deburred. This process resulted in a great number of broken parts – not an optimal solution, when trying to reduce costs and grow a business. For the solution, CDMC employed a Mag 4×2 in-line deburring machine which featured a series of magnetic conveyors that would carry the fragile powdered metal parts past a number of rotating nylon brush heads. No operator involvement was needed. Given that the parts were to be used in automotive and fluid-power applications, the parts were demagnetized at the end of the deburring process. With the CDMC deburring system in place, the client eventually realized a great leap in productivity, as well as an unbelievable cost savings (from 4 pennies per part to eight parts per penny).

CDMC has earned itself a name for custom deburring solutions to a wide variety of client needs. One look at the Before and After Photos section of the CDMC website will show you how significant the difference a deburring solution makes for a variety of gears and sprockets.

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