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Robotic Finishing Solutions Demonstration Video

Cleveland Deburring Machine Company demonstration video of a robotic finishing solutions process.

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Robots + Humans Collaborating on The Manufacturing Floor = “Cobots”

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Throughout the manufacturing industry, the density of robots continues to rise around the world. Such technological applications help free up time for tasks requiring creativity and thought. According to the International Federation of Robotics, there is an average of 74 robot units per 10,000 employees. This includes the high end of 99 units in Europe, 84 in the Americas and 63 in Asia.

Countries by Level of Automation

Republic of Korea






United States




Robot Density

Since 2016, robot density continues to grow, as represented by the United States’ No. 7 rank in the countries of automation list above. Robots have been part of ongoing efforts to strengthen the American market and keep manufacturing at home. The automotive industry leads the way in the use of robots and it’s anticipated that between 2017 and 2020 the use of robots will rise 15 percent each year on average, according to a report from the International Federation of Robotics.

Manufacturing Collaboration

Despite some fears of robots replacing jobs, robots are now a common scene in many factories as robots and humans learn to co-exist. One of the ways this is happening is through Robotic Process Automation or RPA. With technological similarities to graphical user interface testing tools, RPA tools can automate interactions with the graphical user interface. RPA can also mimic the task-based processes, speeding up repetitive tasks and freeing up humans for interaction and the application of intelligence, judgement and reasoning. With the potential to fully automate routine tasks, RPA can reduce the total cost of end-to-end transactional processes by 50 percent to 75 percent, according to an RPA release from The Hackett Group, a global strategy, operations and business application consulting firm.

Collaborations on the manufacturing floor also include self-navigating Autonomous Indoor Vehicles, which shift goods between workstations without the need for magnets or beacons. This joint work between human and robot was coined “cobot” by professors from Northwestern University and is being tested at Cornell Dubilier, a power manufacturer who is using robots to speed up the inspection of capacitor installations, doubling the speed of its labeling process.

Growing Demand in RPA

The behind-the-scenes aspect of RPA translates into a variety of applications from supply chains, interactions between IT systems and repetitive business office tasks. Adoption will necessitate an increasing level of comfort for manufacturers concerning robotics and artificial intelligence’s. It remains to be seen how quickly companies will embrace these technologies, but such adoption has the potential to revolutionize the industry and the work of those employed within it.

This article is brought to you by The Cleveland Deburring Machine Company. CDMC can provide a deburring solution for gears, sprockets, aerospace and defense, automotive deburring, power transmission, powdered metals, fluid power and custom deburring applications. Our no-charge application evaluation includes a detailed report and process description in as little as 3 to 5 business days. Contact CDMC today and speak with one of our experts!


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Trusted Deburring using Fanuc Robots

If you’re in a business using robotics-enhanced equipment, there’s a good chance that you’ve come across the name Fanuc America. Its reputation proceeds itself throughout North and South America in regards to its CNC, robot and ROBOMACHINE services and factory automation solutions. The Fanuc product lines include CNC products that allow computers to control machine tools, drive systems, motion control applications, laser systems and productivity software.

Authorized System Integrators

Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) is proud to be a part of the Fanuc America Authorized System Integrators. What this means for our deburring customers throughout the United States is that CDMC is part of a larger network of robotic integrators. This allows the manufacturers at CDMC to help lower the cost of labor for our customers using machines with Fanuc robots. The result being higher profit margins and advanced technologies designed to boost business processes.

Providing Cost-Effective Solutions

As a family-owned manufacturing business, CDMC intimately knows the importance of maximizing manufacturing needs through reliable, consistent and repeatable processes. This includes providing deburring solutions for gears, aerospace and defense, sprockets, power transmission, powdered metals, fluid power and custom applications. Examples of this include profile chamfering using the CDMC Model 1000, CDMC Model 1002 and the CDMC Model 2000 deburring applications. One example of these versatile machines incorporates Fanac’s patented CNC technology that allows manufacturers the ability to use the CDMC brush 1000, 1002 and 2000 models for deburring or applying paint to a part.

CDMC 1000 Series

Single- or Dual-cutting head(s) for simultaneous deburring action

Equipped with deburring wheels, carbide rotary files or brushes

Optional integrated dust collection system

Auto door

Touchscreen user interface

CDMC 1002 Series

Auto door with two hand-start switches

Integrated dust collection system

Touchscreen user interface

Dual cutting heads for double-sided deburring

Equipped with deburring wheels, carbide rotary files or brushes or a combination or both

CDMC 2000 Series

Processes parts up to 60 inches in diameter and up to 2,000 pounds

Dual cutting heads

Capability of two-sided processing of a gear simultaneously

Driven by two rollers and supported by two idle rollers

Touchscreen operator

Two hand-start buttons

If you’re in the market for a smart and reliable deburring solution, talk to the deburring solution experts at The Cleveland Deburring Machine Company. We can provide for a custom-tailored solution for gears, sprockets, aerospace and defense, power transmission, powdered metals, fluid power and custom applications. Our no-charge application evaluation includes a detailed report and process description in as little as 3 to 5 business days. Contact CDMC today for a deburring machine that’s right for you.

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