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Deburring Applications for Aerospace & Defense

aerospace & defense

Variety is the spice of life. As the go-to source for deburring solutions, Cleveland Deburring Machine Company is proud to work with clients from a range of industries. Those we’ve worked with have discovered how reliable deburring solutions help manufacturing processes run smoother while raising the level of safety for employees working the machines. While a raised edge or a rough spot might not seem like a big deal, overtime these burrs can compromise safety, cause immeasurable damage and be a drain on time and resources if not looked after.

Aerospace & Defense

One thing CDMC prides itself on is the creation of deburring solutions that address specific challenges as it pertains to different parts and metals used within that industry. As you might imagine, these can be highly specialized and require unique solutions. An example of one area of such specialization is with deburring applications for the aerospace and defense industry.

After experiencing a solid year in 2018, the aerospace and defense industry continues to have strong growth as a result of greater demand for passenger travel and global military spending on the rise. Commercial aircraft production and strong defense spending are also expected to rise, according to Deloitte’s 2019 Global Aerospace and Defense Industry Outlook report.

For many industries, aerospace and defense is a desired partner because of the number of jobs it creates. More than 1 million American workers are directly employed, and additional jobs are created through partnerships with other business and manufacturers that serve the aerospace and defense industry. Such numbers are directly responsible for boosting local and national economies.

At CDMC, we’re proud to partner with those in the aerospace and defense industry because it allows us to stretch our knowledge as we create new solutions specific to the materials and parts needs of the industry. This includes solutions for the use of nickel and titanium alloys used for the development of aircraft and defense mechanism parts. Because these alloys can be difficult to machine, deburring is a critical element for the industry when it comes to metal cutting and forming and finishing on a variety of parts.

Aerospace & Defense Deburring

Titanium Turbine Blades

Titanium Compressor Gear Deburring

Pinion Gear Deburring

Deburring is a proven process to eliminate thin ridges from a variety of metal materials as well as eliminate rough spots and burrs that can cause damage to a machine and a human. No matter your industry or market, Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) has a deburring solution to meet your needs.

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Washington is The Evergreen State for Businesses and Manufacturing

Washington Manufacturing

The Evergreen State of Washington is known for innovation & technology, skilled labor, superior life quality, a reliable logistics network and affordable energy resources–an environment that attracts businesses and manufacturers like a magnet. These factors contribute to Forbes ranking Washington #9 for ‘Best State for Business in America.’

Giving sanctuary to more than 250K organizations and Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Boeing, SpaceX, Starbucks, and Amazon add incredibly to Washington’s commercial development. With a GDP growth of 2.9 percent, Washington was ranked as the sixth best economy in the United States in 2016.

The manufacturing industry contributed $74.98 billion to its’ economy by manufactured goods exports. Washington’s 6,655 manufacturers employ 314,987. Moreover, this is the sixth consecutive year when Washington State gained manufacturing jobs. All great reasons to include Washington in our U.S. Manufacturing blog series.

The State is also a hub for advanced military and commercial aircraft, space exploration vehicles and unmanned aerial systems (UAS), as well as maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) and air travel and cargo. It provides job opportunities to around 19% of the state’s population. In 2015, the transportation sector contributed a value of $70 million to Washington’s economy.

Washington’s aerospace sector includes visionary firms like Aerojet Rocketdyne, Blue Origin, SpaceX, Spaceflight Industries, and Vulcan Aerospace developing and innovating new techniques every day. The aerospace giant Boeing is perhaps the biggest name with a firm footing in various cities.

With approximately 14K companies under its umbrella, the Information and Communication Technology Industry ranks as the second-best manufacturing industry in Washington. Shockingly, only 6% of the state’s population work for this industry, yet it contributes about $40 billion to their economy. Workers include coders, software engineers, game developers, testers and more.

The fact that around 95% of the state’s people are connected to 100 MBPs internet or better also clearly demonstrates the quality of their Information Technology. With growing companies such as Tableau and established software giants like Microsoft, Washington is an I.T. centric state.

Snatching third place for the biggest manufacturing sector is the food processing industry. This sector employees about 16% of the state’s population.

15 million acres of farmland is extensively used to produce the nation’s best pears, apples, grapes, red raspberries, sweet cherries and much more. Big agriculture means big food processing. Washington specializes in canning and preserving fruits and vegetables. However, they also have a foothold in canned meat and fish.

Their connectivity to Europe and Asia through 3666 miles of railways, 139 airports and 75 public ports (which includes cold storage facilities too) is applauded for the quick and timely export of crops to numerous countries.

Given the data, there is no doubt the future of Washington looks bright. It very well deserves to be called the Evergreen State for Businesses.

This article brought to you by The Cleveland Deburring Machine Company. CDMC can provide a deburring solution for gears, sprockets, aerospace and defense, automotive deburring, power transmission, powdered metals, fluid power and custom deburring applications. Our no-charge application evaluation includes a detailed report and process description in as little as 3 to 5 business days. Contact CDMC today for a deburring machine that’s right for you.

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Can’t Miss Topics at AeroDef 2017


This March 6th- 9th is one of the most important events in aerospace and defense manufacturing. AeroDef takes place in Fort Worth, Texas at the Fort Worth Convention Center.  This city just so happens to be the epicenter of some of the top OEMs in the country for the aerospace and defense industry, including industry leaders like Lockheed Martin with their Aeronautics Fort Worth facility. With all its promising conferences and tours, here is a list of the “must see” topics at this year’s AeroDef.


Composites are becoming cheaper to make, more efficient to produce, and constantly increasing in quality. Whether you’re just starting to apply composite production in your manufacturing process, or looking for new approaches towards in automated picking, AeroDef has the conference for you. Each of the four days has a composite-based conference depending on your interest and schedule. Check the schedule out here.

Cyber Security Systems

As information technology in the workplace becomes more and more digitized and organized within internal and external company systems, there is, of course, a concern for security and threat identification within the production process. These security challenges can be quite complex, so AeroDef has plenty of conferences on the subject for you to protect your network.

Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing

Additive manufacturing is one of the most significant innovations of the manufacturing industry and much more so in the aerospace and defense industry. 3-D printing has brought with it a plethora of ideas and novel approaches to aeronautics and companies are taking advantage of these innovations. There will plenty of discussion on the subject, including one by Lockheed Martin on March 7th. Be sure to check out all you can!

Triumph Tours

One of the most exciting aspects of AeroDef is the tours. A few goliaths of the industry will be opening their doors, including Triumph Aerostructures on March 6th from 12:30- 4:00 pm. This is a chance to check out how the large global manufacturers approach the manufacturing process and apply innovative and new technologies. You shouldn’t miss it!

If this year’s AeroDef is as promising as other years, you’ll reap the benefits by attending these specific conferences that are taking place throughout the 4-day summit. There will certainly be a plethora of exhibits to check out while you’re waiting for that next conference to start. So, check out the floor plans beforehand and see what you’d be interested. Organize your time and strategize which events you’d like to attend by checking out all the details on Aerodefevent.com.

This article brought to you by The Cleveland Deburring Machine Company. CDMC can provide a deburring solution for gears, sprockets, aerospace and defense, power transmission, powdered metals, fluid power and custom deburring applications. Our no-charge application evaluation includes a detailed report and process description in as little as 3 to 5 business days. Contact CDMC today for a deburring machine that’s right for you.

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