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Aerospace and Defense Deburring Solutions

aerospace & defenseSaying that the aerospace and defense industry was highly concentrated would be an understatement. The aerospace and defense industry is managed by a small number of select companies that manufacture a wide variety of defense products – primarily aircraft and weaponry. The industry is marked by great technical expertise and a low tolerance for manufacturing errors. In addition, the economics of the industry is nothing less than gigantic.

In the U.S. alone, the aerospace and defense industry employs over 1 million workers and supports nearly three times that amount in additional jobs throughout the nation. Sales of aerospace and defense industry products manufactured in the U.S. totals to a dollar figure in excess of 300 billion – with 200 billion of that total stemming from aerospace alone. And yet, with all the demand that comes from domestic and foreign customers, there is a significant backlog of orders for aerospace and defense industry products (around 10 percent or more). Although no estimation is presently available, it could be easily assumed that the value of these backlogged orders amounts to billions of dollars.

It should be noted that the aerospace and defense industry represents more than just planes and weapons that guard our national interests – it also represents millions of jobs, billions in tax dollars, and 2 to 3 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP). What this tells the deburring industry is that the aerospace and defense market is primed for deburring solutions that keep aerospace and defense manufacturing interests operating at highest production rates and with great consistency of product output. As a deburring solutions company that is aware of the needs and, in many cases, the special requirements of the aerospace and defense industry, CDMC has built experience and a reputation for producing automated deburring machines that are able to produce incredibly-precise results time and time again.

To serve the needs of the aerospace and defense industry, CDMC has built a number of deburring solutions that can offer handling of special or exotic metals with consistent, reliable and repeatable deburring processes. In the aerospace industry alone, CDMC has addressed deburring needs for some of the biggest names in aeronautics. Many of these deburring solutions are related to mission-critical parts such as mounting flanges for titanium turbine blades, as well as titanium compressor gears, and titanium pinion gears. The problems faced by many aeronautics companies, fortunately, was little different than many others in all areas of manufacturing. They needed a deburring solution that helped them attain and sustain quality and consistency of end-products by eliminating rough or jagged edges on all critical machine parts.

In each case, the chosen CDMC deburring solution was one that offered consistent, repeatable output that allowed the aeronautics manufacturing company to increase productivity by eliminating a time-consuming, labor-intensive process that was typically done by hand in the past.

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