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Setting an Example for Manufacturing in The Ohio Area

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The evolution of life and its changes are one of the most enduring aspects. Many times when we get used to doing something or begin to see the progress made, it’s once again time to re-evaluate the playbook. This is true in the life of an individual and also in the industry in which we work. Just last month, the CDMC blog shared the positive expansion within the industry. This was responsible for the creation of 855,000 new jobs and the re-immergence of manufacturing activity within the former Rust Belt of Northern Illinois, Lower Peninsula Michigan, West Virginia, East Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. In each area, companies and individuals were collectively taking steps to elevate the manufacturing game.

Potential for New Manufacturing Site Developments

Now within the state of Ohio, REDI Cincinnati, a regional economic development group, is asking the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority to step forward to purchase and prepare land and buildings as regional manufacturing sites. Centered in the OH-KY-IN metro area of Hamilton County in Cincinnati-Middletown, the initiative looks to redefine the area as a manufacturing base. The request comes out of what REDI Cincinnati perceives as missed manufacturing opportunities within the Ohio area.

Over the last year, 61 companies visited the area to check out locations for possible manufacturing sites in the Cincinnati area. Unfortunately, the majority of these visitors did not find a match for their needs. Instead, the sites or buildings lacked the necessary zoning, permits or environmental conditions. Existing spaces were though too small and the ceiling height of buildings too low.

When Manufacturing becomes everyone’s Initiative

There’s no argument that the endeavor suggested by REDI Cincinnati will require significant action and initiative on the part of the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority and the partners selected from the regional, public and private sectors. In the greater scheme, this is about much more than preparing a spot of land or updating a building for use. It is about the individuals in cities, regions and states coming together for a common cause, to draw more manufacturing to the state. The seeds of this cooperation are already visible in the welcome for emerging technologies in the area. Because of the cooperation of public, private, government and non-profit entities, the state is now a growing base for additive manufacturing technologies.

The Role of Current Manufacturers

Even as an established manufacturer, it can be difficult to remain current on how the various initiatives on the state and local level have the ability to reimagine manufacturing within the state. At Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) we believe flexibility in design and concept and an openness to outside inspiration will always remain a critical foundational element. This is evident in the mindset of CDMC engineers tasked with the design of comprehensive and innovative deburring solutions for custom applications, fluid power, powdered metals, power transmission, aerospace and defense, sprockets and gears.

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