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Combating the Economic Roller Coaster of Manufacturing


You know what they say, what goes up must come down. The problem is few of us have much control over the rise and fall of anything as big as the actions of the stock market or the outlook of an entire industry. While not many of us would voluntarily ask to be in charge of such mammoth endeavors, the recent economic fluctuations can leave individual investors and business owners quietly wondering what changes (good or bad) might be next.

Accommodating the Highs with Potential of Lows

Earlier this summer, reports on manufacturers and new manufacturing technologies looked positive within the state of Ohio and other areas within the U.S. The reports highlighted manufacturing job gains, the addition of service-related employment, and overall rising national industry growth. All signs pointing to a strengthening economy. Mere months later, in the midst of the third quarter, a U.S. manufacturing report from the Institute of Supply Management questioned if the reported strength within the industry will extend through the rest of the year.

Third Quarter Slide

July continued the good news trend with the second-best monthly performance of the S&P 500 and NASDAQ. The counter balance soon appeared in the form of declines in emerging markets, commodity stocks, and downward slides as China’s Shanghai Composite dropped 14%. Even stock superstars such as Twitter and Yelp saw dips, according to Market Watch is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow Jones & Company reports on stocks, corporate news and investor relationships.

When Market Watch released the Institute for Supply Management’s manufacturing index at the beginning of August, the report showed a July decrease of 52.7 percent from 53.5 percent in June. Market Watch considered the decrease as “unexpected” considering the forecasted 53.7 percent reading. Speculations for the loss included failing oil prices and uncertainty in global stocks. Despite readings over 50 considered to be “improving conditions,” levels remain below 2014 numbers.

Moving through Fluctuations

It is clear corrections for the economic vacillations will not right themselves overnight. At Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) we believe a quality product, impeccable customer service, and customization are critical to remaining viable and relevant in evolving economic conditions. Working alongside its customers, CDMC continues to reimagine deburring solutions that meet and exceed demands on the final manufacturing step. CDMC offers specialized deburring solutions for gears, sprockets, power transmission, powdered metals, fluid power, aerospace and defense and custom applications. We also offer applications for aluminum finishing and material removal, descaling, deflashing for rubber and plastic, polishing and honing.

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