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The Reshaping of the Manufacturing Industry

In Cleveland, Ohio, the Cleveland Deburring Machine Company manufactures deburring solutions for a wide range of machinery applications. The area of the United States where our company resides was once called the Rust Belt for its concentration of manufacturing and steel production that ran from New York and throughout the Midwest, including Ohio.

For many years, areas within the Rust Belt saw huge drops in employment and manufacturing productivity as demand for the products they produced also declined. Today, thankfully there is an altogether different story to be shared. Manufacturing is growing throughout the United States and jobs in the industry are highly in demand.

According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, engineering is now one of the top choices for a college major. It’s no wonder why when you consider the availability of 1.6 million engineering jobs that pay a median wage of $42 dollars an hour. Job growth in the area continues to grow into double digits from 2010 levels and every engineering occupation is adding jobs, including manufacturing engineering.

This particular specialization in engineering focuses on the operation and design of integrated systems, which can include machine tools, materials-handling equipment, computer networks, robots and machine tools. These manufacturing engineers are key to the development of innovative products that increase productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the quality of products.

At Cleveland Deburring Machine Company, we rely on these same manufacturing engineer skill sets to produce deburring solutions for a wide range of industry applications. One example of this expertise can be seen in our Portable Deburring Machines, created as an accompaniment for CNC mills and lathes. Use of the Basic Orbital Brushing (BOB) Portable Deburring Machine means that you’ll be ready to deburr immediately after finishing the primary cut. Our BOB Basic Orbital Brush deburring solution can be fitted with a nylon disc brush up to nine inches in diameter.

Deburring Solutions Provided with the Basic Orbital Brush

  • Ability to program for CW, CCW, or CW and CCW in sequence
  • Accommodates OD and ID clamping
  • Rotates during cycle
  • Accepts parts up to ten inches in diameter
  • Adjusts for the deburring of a brush combination or part diameter

Because you never know when you might need a convenient and portable deburring solution, Cleveland Deburring Machine Company also offers a number of deburring machines on casters and wheels. The 1TC and 1TR are designed to deburr green-powdered parts before sintering. Both models feature a single conveyor to move the powdered parts under nylon brushes that rotate. The brushes can be either radial or disc. Because the motor of the brush and the conveyor are mounted together, they can be easily adjusted to accommodate on-site equipment. The 1TC and 1TR deburring machines operate on a 110 volt current. If you need a mini deburring solution on wheels, take a look at CDMC’s CART deburring machine.

CART Deburring Machine Benefits

  • Part spindle runs in both directions
  • Radial nylon brush is driven by a 1 horsepower reversible motor
  • Grinder stanchion can fit a variety of tool and air motor options
  • Programmable cycle
  • Operates on 110 volt current
  • Protection from Lexan shielding

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