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Ohio Continues to Innovate Manufacturing Excellence

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Visitors to the state looking to scout the region for potential manufacturing locations have a new reason to visit the state. Located in Northeast Ohio, Emerson’s Helix Innovation Center is considered to be a “playground” for research in the region. The Innovation Center offers researchers the ability to test new ideas in five simulated environments.

Emphasizing the discovery that comes from play, the Innovation Center calls each environment a sandbox. Within each sandbox, innovators have the ability to shift the temperature and humidity levels, creating environments with the ability to move from freezing cold to blazing hot and humidity ranges of 20 to 90 percent. Rather than waiting for the perfect temperature or humidity level to occur naturally, scientists can find solutions now by perfecting their own environment.

Collaboration Centric

The Innovation Center opened in April of this year on the University of Dayton campus and is garnering notice from innovators in and outside the state. In addition to research projects, the Innovation Center hosts internships for University of Dayton students and collaborates with healthcare organizations, manufacturers and others in the academic arena. Although the endeavor is still relatively new to the state, those working at the Center find the collaborations with unique parties continue to prompt the discovery of new problems that players can work toward solving.

State Funded Initiative

The choice of where to locate the Helix Innovation Center came courtesy of financial backing from the Ohio Third Frontier, an initiative working to transform the state’s economy through the growth of early-stage technology companies and startups. This is another example of how the state is looking to collaborate with other entities to create a manufacturing hub of distinction. By drawing new collaborators to the state through a number of initiatives, the state is seeing an influx of visitors who are just beginning to see all Ohio has to offer as a manufacturing place of excellence.

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