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Deburring Solutions with the Benefits of Customization

Earlier in the week, we saw numerous news outlets post yet another month of manufacturing decrease from data produced by the Institute of Supply Management (ISM). Although it was only a slight decrease from 52.9 in February to 51.5 in March, the result set off a number of alarm bells. When you look closer though, it’s easy to see the silver lining, including that any ISM reading above 50 is still considered to be expansionary. Plus, many economists expect to see improvements as the weather warms and the economy rebounds in the warmer months.

This sort of story paints the manufacturing industry with a wide brush. As a result, it often neglects the telling of stories about companies within the manufacturing industry who are expanding and growing as a result of customization and product innovations. These are companies that long ago gave up the notion that a one-size-fits-all approach is still relevant.

New Day, New Approach

Because it can be difficult to turn a large ship, it’s often the smaller manufacturers who are leading the way in the initiative. When you think about this it makes a lot of sense. In order for smaller manufacturers to compete with the bigger manufacturers, it was critical to find an approach that set them apart from the others. Often this element of specialization came with working directly with the customer to create a product that’s unique to their business, rather than attempting to only retrofit standardized parts and equipment.

At the Cleveland Deburring Machine Company our highly experienced designers and manufacturers connect directly with the customer on a technical level. This teamwork approach also extends to the company’s alliances with other manufacturers that specialize in particular areadeburring solutionss of metal finishing.

As a result, CDMC is able to assist our customers with any deburring solutions.

Customized Deburring Solutions

  • 1. Inquiries and fact finding related to individual manufacturing process
  • 2. Request of sample for part(s) where deburring is desired
  • 3. Participation in sample part processing and evaluation at CDMC
  • 4. Creation of an application report detailing processing step-by-step
  • 5. Evaluation of process with CDMC machine application
  • 6. Possibility of creating a custom deburring application if need is not filled by standard application
  • 7. Contact CDMC to learn more

Depending on the request, CDMC is able to accommodate most applications through a standard machine, but cycle time, application limitations and part sizes can necessitate the creation of custom deburring solutions. If you would like to build or improve upon an existing deburring application, contact CDMC. Our no-charge application evaluation provides a detailed report and necessary process description in 3 to 5 business days.

Get Started with CDMC Today

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