Descaling and Finishing

JOB NO. 107 

Mining Torque Rod Finishing 


A manufacturer of large mining equipment required a solution for descaling and finishing a family of axle shafts.  Customer optioned for a wet application (coolant to cool parts/media and help with cut) and the inclusion of an external work station for wash down/extra operations. These components act as a mechanical “fuse” to protect more expensive components.


Machine Base 

  • A large, heavy-duty base is needed to support the robust roller system and cutting heads needed to process a part of this size. 
  • Base is extra wide to accommodate a large range of part lengths. 
  • Water-tight fabrication is absolutely necessary due to large amounts of coolant that will flow to the cutting heads and work surface. 
  • Base includes an external, open compartment to be used for an external part drive assembly.  This allows for extra ops to be done post-descale. 


  • A pair of 2” shafts running parallel to each other are equipped with 8”-12” diameter rubber roller wheels.  The shafts are driven in tandem by an offset chain drive assembly with variable speed.  Drive wheels have a heavy rubber outside diameter with recessed tracks to allow coolant/debris to escape the work area.  The work is held in place by adjustable end-stops. 
  • A rack and pinion is used to transport a buffing head and sanding head along the length of the work piece.  In this instance, a Burr King unit was purchased and fitted to the machine, acting as our sanding station.  These cutting heads travel along a linear rail assembly.  Cutting heads utilize Auto Amp Compensation for consistent cycle results. 
  • As cutting heads engage the work piece, they are fed a stream of coolant at their contact points.   
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