Motorcycle Camshaft Deburring

JOB NO. 282 



A manufacturer of motorcycle camshafts needed an affordable, small-scale deburring solution. 


Machine Base 

  • A standard Model 1000 sheet metal machine base is used here, with removable panel-enclosed lower storage and a vertical polycarbonate glass auto door assembly. 


  • Shafts are hand loaded into a purchased pneumatic collet system.  This system is clamped and rotated by a pneumatic rotary actuator/offset D.C. belt drive. 
  • A live center tail stock assembly clamps the exposed shaft end via pneumatic linear slide.  The tail stock is mounted to an aluminum extrusion slide/bearing and is easily height adjusted. 
  • A stack of directly driven 12” nylon abrasive radial brushes are brought in on a large pivot assembly to treat the shaft.  Cut pivot is controlled by pneumatic cylinder and can be precision regulated for consistent performance.  The brush motor assembly can be set to a cant to enable a slight cross cut. 

Safety Implementations 

  • All door panels are electronically interlocked.  Breaking an interlock will stop the machine cycle and cause a fault condition. 
  • This machine is equipped with a two hand start, meaning that both operator hands must be present at safety starts in order to initiate cycle start. 
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