Automotive Gears

JOB NO. 290 



A manufacturer of various transmission gears needed a low-cost solution for piece-work deburring.  The machine could be low capacity but required a small footprint.  A mobile spindle and front auto door were required so that the machine could be robot and human loaded.  A coolant system was required to aid in cutting and with cleanliness. 



  • If the machine is being loaded by hand, a vertical safety glass auto door is opened via small air cylinder.  The auto door is built into a larger hinged service door to allow for maintenance. 
  • If robot loaded, a pneumatic linear slide presents the part spindle to be loaded through a side-mounted horizontal auto door assembly.  This auto door is also pneumatically actuated.  Pressures to both auto doors can be adjusted via precision regulator. 
  • Once a work piece is placed on the part drive spindle and a cycle is activated, a collet and drawbar assembly pull down to clamp the work in place.  A stationary part drive assembly uses a directly driven spur gear in contact with a corresponding gear on the part spindle to rotate the work piece.  Rotational speed is adjustable via HMI screens. 
  • As nozzles above the work area activate and spray coolant on to the work piece, two 3”-4” grinding wheels contact the work surface and begin to chamfer.  Grinding wheels are driven by 20,000rpm air motors held near center by pneumatic rotary actuators.  The rotary actuator allows the cutting tool to follow the contours of the work area.  Cut and lift pressures are precision regulated and can be adjusted for the optimal cut depth.  Grinder head assemblies are mounted to purchased precision dovetail arms for easy adjustment. 
  • Upon cycle completion, an air knife positioned above the part spindle is actuated and dries the work piece while it is rotated by the part drive. 

Safety Implementations 

  • All manual and auto doors are electronically interlocked.  Breaking an interlock mid-cycle will stop the machine and cause a fault state to occur. 
  • A FILTER MIST mist collector is mounted to the machine roof to remove excessive coolant build up inside of the work area. 
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