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March brings Expansion in Ohio Manufacturing Offerings

This past week, the state of Ohio and the manufacturing industry received an injection of support and financing in the form of an initiative designed to strengthen American manufacturing with a $500 million private-public investment. Included within the initiative is a manufacturing institute centered on textiles-focused manufacturing innovation within the state.

$150 million of the $500 million will be used to create a manufacturing hub dedicated to fiber and textile technologies. Based in Cleveland, OH, this is the ninth manufacturing hub of its kind. The hub, host to competitions, allows universities, non-profit agencies and manufacturers to compete for a portion of the $150 million. The Department of Defense will lead the manufacturing competition.

Ohio’s U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat, authored the bipartisan legislation for the creation of manufacturing innovation hubs last year. The Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act is behind the creation of the national network of manufacturing hubs. The first manufacturing hub was in Youngstown, in the northeast area of the state.

Including Small Manufacturers

In a related launch, President Obama also kicked off a Supply Chain Innovation Initiative. This initiative is designed to focus on the construction of private and public partnerships designed to benefit small manufacturers by strengthening the nation’s Supply Chain. It is believed improvements to the supply chain will assist smaller manufacturers in removing barriers to innovation, including invention and commercialization. The result should improve productivity and allow manufacturers to adopt new processes and technologies to better compete within the industry.

CDMC’s Custom Solutions

One way manufacturers are better competing is through the offering of custom application. Applications such as Cleveland Deburring Machine Company’s 3040-RF bring custom solutions that benefit the industry, each led by a thorough investigation of the customer’s overall goal(s) and specific customer requirements.

As a manufacturer of specialized deburring solutions, CDMC understands that a custom solution is critical whether your business’s application requires a repeatable, high-volume process or a flexible and adjustable solution. Attention to these so-called small details is the first step in providing each customer with the consistent, repeatable and reliable solutions they need.

In Ohio and throughout the world, our company has long been a source for those desiring an innovative deburring or metal finishing application. This process always includes an invitation to visit the company and take part in the sample part processing and evaluation. We believe inclusion throughout the process is the best way for a customer to not only see the creation of the part but also to understand the capabilities of the application as a whole. To learn more, check out some of CDMC’s favorite case studies.

CDMC’s Deburring Machines

  • Portable Deburring Machines
  • Magnetic Conveyor Deburring
  • Bevel Grear Deburring
  • Spiral Bevel Great Deburring
  • Dual Side Deburring
  • Parallel Axis Gear Deburring
  • Ring Gear Deburring
  • Descaling
  • Aluminum Finishing
  • Polishing & Honing
  • Rubber & Plastic Deflashing
  • Material Removal
  • Used Deburring Machines

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