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Custom Tailored Deburring Solutions

As manufacturing is a diverse industry that makes use of many custom parts and machines, deburring solutions are often custom-tailored to the specific needs of the manufacturing client. Automated, mechanical deburring solutions are a benefit to manufacturing and production for a number of reasons – with the most significant being the ability for automated deburring to help increase productivity by eliminating a labor-intensive process that was usually done by hand in the past. Automated deburring solutions are available to handle aluminum finishing, polishing and honing, deflashing, descaling, and a number of abrasive brushing needs.

There is, at present, a wide selection of deburring machines available to the manufacturing and production market. They come in both portable and stationary sizes. Many through-feed, in-line deburring machines can handle a high volume of many types of flat parts through the use of a series of magnetic conveyors (some with optional de-magnetizers that remove residual magnetism). These high-production models are able to work all day, handling hundreds of parts, and the integrated coolant systems that are native to most will work to keep everything running smoothly. But, for all the deburring solutions that are readily available to the market, one thing is for certain – most manufacturing companies that approach a deburring company to satisfy a particular need are looking for a deburring solution that offers a high-volume, repeatable process that is custom to their needs.

A deburring solution must be able to adjust to the changing nature of certain types of industries, and this typically calls for a flexible, easy to adjust solution. Fortunately, all of these deburring needs can be addressed by a Custom Applications department.

A truly agile and responsive deburring solutions provider – such as the Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) in Ohio – can devise deburring and finishing solutions that will fulfill nearly any deburring need. At CDMC, our Custom Applications department has tailored deburring solutions to the Aerospace and Defense industry – which typically involves handling and deburring exotic metals like titanium. We’ve also built custom solutions for the home appliances industry – where the manufacture of products such as washers and dryers require that numerous stamped metal parts be treated with a highly-consistent brushed finish on every piece.

Since it is expected that many manufacturers will have a need for custom applications and deburring solutions that require special handling and output, the CDMC Custom Applications department is ready to put their many years of experience in deburring to work developing solutions that will fulfill nearly any deburring need. And although CDMC has a number of standard machines that can tackle all kinds of special deburring considerations, it’s always recommended that manufacturers speak to a member of the CDMC Custom Applications department and discuss their specific application needs.

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