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OLS Deburring Solutions for Fluid Power Components

There are deburring solutions for nearly every market or industry. There are also deburring solutions for nearly every machine or manufacturing component that makes use of gears or sprockets (or similar parts). The industries that rely on deburring solutions to keep their equipment in good repair – as well as prevent unplanned stoppages on the manufacturing line due to problems with machinery – include automotive, aerospace, defense, and manufacturers of metal parts and equipment of all kinds.

As fluid power components are made from numerous kinds of materials and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, deburring solutions providers – such as the Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) – are generally staffed by teams of experienced designers and deburring equipment solutions providers. Not all fluid power components are exactly like another, which means that forward-thinking deburring solutions providers like CDMC must be able to fulfill different types of fluid power component requirements.

At CDMC, our engineers and our technical team have built a lot of quality deburring machines for many types of fluid power component applications. The CDMC OLS gerotor deburring machine is an operator-loaded deburring machine that makes use of dual brushes that can deburr sintered pump gerotors. The brushes are aligned at ninety-degrees to each other (on the part axis) and rotate in opposite directions. This brush configuration allows the OLS gerotor deburring machine to deburr parts on both sides during the course of a single rotation. A variant of the machine features dual deburring spindles for double the work output. And, like many of the automated deburring machines from CDMC, the OLS gerotor deburring machine has a water-cooled system that keeps the machine cool during periods of heavy usage – as well as maximizes brush life. The Auto Amp Compensation system works to maintain constant brush pressure for consistency in deburring and evenness in brush wear. The CDMC OLS gerotor deburring machine is also able to interface with auto-loading systems.

The CDMC OLS deburring machine is also a perfect solution for deburring pump gears. With two large-diameter radial nylon offset brushes, the OLS is configured to deburr a wide range of pump gears. Changeovers are quick and easy with interchangeable part holders. If there is a need for pump housing deburring, CDMC has deburring equipment that can handle that solution need as well.

When you need to ensure precise, high quality, and high functioning deburring results, the CDMC OLS allows for repeatable deburring and consistent output in a fraction of the time it would take to deburr parts by hand. For fluid power component deburring, the versatility and functionality CDMC offers will help provide end results that can be up to highest standards.

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