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Automated Brush Deburring and Finishing

Automated Brush Deburring and Finishing of Small Gears

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Deburring is a Critical Aspect of Quality Manufacturing Processes

deburring process

We live in an age of global manufacturing. While this offers an opportunity to work with a broader range of people across the world, it also means that manufacturing standards of those products are reliant on the manufacturer doing the work. Standards of work often vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and country to country. One example of this is the determination of what’s considered “burr free.” Depending on the manufacturer and the product(s) being deburred, this could mean anything from the removal of burrs that can be seen by the human eye to stricter standards employing total product quality inspections.

What’s not always understood is that shifting definitions tend to produce very different outcomes that don’t always meet the quality and safety concerns of customers. As a trusted designer and manufacturer of deburring solutions, we at CDMC believe deburring standards should meet a stricter standard. This is not only because of the potential for burrs and sharp edges to create safety issues on the manufacturing floor, it’s because deburring is the final step in manufacturing. A step that can extend the life of machines in the plant. Safety hazards, environmental concerns and unexpected downtime in the form of broken machines do not bode well for the company, its employees or the bottom line.

Deburring Maintenance

Standardization of deburring as it pertains to the appearance of the finished product is extremely important. Thankfully, there are a range of processes such as those offered by CDMC that are designed to minimize burrs through tool and process design. Determining the right manufacturing process can help eliminate burr properties such as roughness, shape, thickness and location, in addition to eliminating the troublesome build-up of burrs on gears and sprockets.

Eliminating burrs through these various proven processes can improve edge fitting interference in product assembly, eliminate jamming of mechanisms along the assembly line, decrease wear on parts, improve seals where seams join and minimize unnecessary cuts and bruising for workers on the line. Deburring using a range of surfaces including silicon carbide and diamond brushes is a reliable way to remove troublesome burrs.

CDMC Deburring Options

Model 5000 – deburrs parallel-axis gears with consistent, repeatable results

Model 1220 – uses a large diameter nylon radial brush for ring gears up to 15” in diameter

Model 3000 – perfect for standard bevel gears up to 48” in diameter

Deburring is a critical aspect of quality manufacturing processes and one that should not ever be overlooked. Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) offers customers around the world reliable, consistent and repeatable deburring processes.

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Putting the Green in Powdered Metals Deburring

Think for a moment about the word green. What thoughts or pictures immediately come to mind? For some, the word might trigger thoughts of the color green. For others it might bring to mind an environmental reference or something still in its elemental stages. In manufacturing, the green state refers to powdered metals not yet sintered, or otherwise heated or compressed. When it comes to green powdered metal brush deburring, this is a unique time in the deburring process when it’s easier to remove burrs and preserve base material and unique geometries.

Leader in Green Powder Deburring

The same elements that make greenware easier to deburr also create a greater propensity for fragile parts. This range makes it necessary to use a range of green powdered metal brush deburring that can accommodate the fragile greenware as well as powdered metals that can’t be magnetized before heating.

Green Powdered Metal Brush Deburring Solutions

Mag Series – Perfect for flat parts requiring deburring on each side, the Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) Mag series features through feed magnetic conveyors. The inline deburring machines present green powdered metal parts to the deburring brushes at the perfect orientation. One set approaches the greenware from the top and the second from the bottom.

Integrated coolant system

Constant brush pressure

Auto-loading conveyance systems

2-, 4- and6-head platforms

Autoset software

Accommodates parts 1/8 inch to 4 inch think, 6 inches in diameter

4000 Series – Adaptable through-feed deburring machines provide over/under green powdered metal brush deburring simultaneously. The first pair of brushes rotate clockwise and the second pair rotates counterclockwise, resulting in a consistent edge break. Available base sizes can accommodate a multitude of infeed/outfeed orientations.

Dust collection

Higher unit volume

Constant brush pressure

Maximum media usage

Integration with auto-loading conveyance system

Autoset software

Easy changeovers

Ability to deburrs parts 1/8 inch to 3 inches thick

If you’re in the market for a smart and reliable green powdered metal brush deburring solution, talk to the deburring solution experts at The Cleveland Deburring Machine Company. We can provide for a custom-tailored solution for gears, sprockets, aerospace and defense, power transmission, powdered metals, fluid power and custom applications. Our no-charge application evaluation includes a detailed report and process description in as little as 3 to 5 business days. Contact CDMC today for a deburring machine that’s right for you.

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