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Workshop for Warriors: Changing the Lives of Veterans

workshop for warriors

Sometimes the transition from military life to one of a civilian can be difficult and fraught with setbacks. With alarming unemployment rates and an even harsher reality of high suicide rates among our Nation’s military veterans, it’s our turn to give back and respond to these issues in the manufacturing industry with innovative solutions.

That’s exactly what ex-naval officer Hernan Luis y Prado decided in his retirement. As the creator of Workshop for Warriors, he strives to create an efficient solution for veterans to add some fulfillment back into their professional lives. This program educates, trains and sets-up a veteran’s life for professional preparation and employment in the manufacturing industry.

Workshop for Warriors. Remember the name when you see a veteran in need of assistance and purpose.

Investing in Professional Fulfillment?

The unemployment rate of veterans is absurdly high. Their reintegration into the professional life is an essential problem for all of us as citizens. They deserve an opportunity, just like the rest of us, to educate themselves and train for positions in the manufacturing community.

Workshop for Warriors is a San Diego-based solution with a campus that has grown significantly in the past few years. They aim to connect veterans to opportunities not only in California but nationwide. Their goals are to continue growing in numbers and expanding certifications from the G.I. bill process so that veterans all around the country can use these benefits for their program.

Adapting to Contemporary Manufacturing

Workshop for Warriors provides a plethora of certification training programs. They also cover most certificates required and recognized nationally by the manufacturing industry. The American Welding Society, the National Institute for Metalworking Skills, Mastercam University, Solidworks, Immerse2Learn, and the National Coalition of Certification Centers are the base of their certification goals.

Their curriculum also covers STEM necessities including computer-based design and manufacturing. They realize that as the industry changes, so will the training for the workers. The presence of Automation is ever-increasing in our industry, so the changes will be immense when it comes to terms of education and job preparation of veterans.

 Why the need?

Our economy is changing, and sooner or later the baby boomer generation that makes up most our workforce will soon disappear. Assisting veterans with these positions will not only demonstrate a position of caring but a necessity that we need as manufacturers: well-trained, loyal employees that have a disciplined style and motivation to learn and change. Workshop for Warriors provides us a window to intelligently solve the problems of our industry and the problems of veterans, effectively changing their lives for the better and helping them become a productive part of our economy.


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