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Deburring Racing Components for Performance and Longetivity

automotive deburring

The problem with anything made from metal, be it aluminum or steel, is that there are always imperfections and blemishes that cause a lot of hassle for those looking for performance quality. This is particularly the case in high-stakes situations—auto racing for example, where every millisecond of performance is crucial.

Deburring of the engine and other metal parts of the car is essential for racers. With a lot of patience, you can give your engine block or other key racing components the preparation and maintenance it needs to keep her running smooth and lasting longer after much use. Check out these tips and you’ll see how the deburring process is right for all your performance necessities.

Just Do it

Yea so this might be an overwhelming task. You’ll have to set aside some time for deburring. Both new stock engine and older engines need deburring for optimal performance. However, some drivers have a hard time seeing their beloved hood empty during this process.

Align-honing your mains is time well spent. Cleaning out every nook and cranny of the blocks can really pay off. For best results, leave it to a professional for precision work. However, less-professional racers can sometimes do this at home. Regardless, get your hands dirty or find someone you trust and you’ll see the effects it can have.

Investigate the Ways

There’s a lot of ways that you can get started on that old block to improve performance, and each has its approach, costs, and results. Your choice of approach may differ on your need and your level of racing. If you’re an amateur enthusiast working from your garage, you can go for a “by hand” approach although it’ll take the most amount of time. You can also use abrasives to help you out, which is what most professionals use in their process. A new cold air blasting method has been used for those who don’t want to get all chemical on their intimate engine parts. It uses an icy blast of air to displace the burrs and works wonderfully on cast parts.

More than Just the engine

All the parts of a vehicle used in racing can have blemishes. Whether aluminum or steel, these parts should be taken care of intricately by a deburring process. Take special care of gears, especially in the transmission. Superfinishing can not only extend the life of the parts but increase the performance also.

Remember that these processes and approaches are ideas for maintaining and improving your race car components. While they may take an investment of money and time, they pay off in the long run. If you are unsure about what process is best for your performance parts within the engine, transmission, or drive train, give us a call!

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