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Who We Are and What We Do for the Deburring Industry

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At Cleveland Deburring Machine Company we’re passionate about the deburring industry. Maybe it seems like a weird thing to be passionate about, but it makes a big difference to manufacturing and production. We know it’s important to our customers and their livelihoods, and that makes it important to us. We’ve been in the deburring machine┬ábusiness for years, and we bring all of that experience, passion, and know-how to every custom solution that we provide.

We’re a family-owned company, but we weren’t always CDMC. We were founded in 1993 as On-Line Services Inc., though we were in the deburring machinery business, even then. Eric Mutschler started On-Line Services Inc., and when he sold the company in 2007, he wasn’t expecting to buy it back just a few years later, to put the assets into Cleveland Deburring Machine Company, started by his sons Christopher and Adam Mutschler. But that’s exactly what happened just before Christmas in 2009.

Now CDMC occupies the same building in Cleveland that On-Line Services once occupied, creating the same sorts of top-of-the-line deburring solutions that the company began by producing. We keep it simple and streamlined, so that only people who are as passionate about and experienced will handle our custom solutions and we can pass the savings on to our customers.

While On-Line Services handled everything in-house, CDMC has taken a more dynamic approach, utilizing a local supply chain to make parts, and assembling our machinery in our workshop. This allows us to stay flexible, so that we can provide the kinds of customized deburring solutions that our customers need to meet the ever-changing demands of competitive modern manufacturing.

We believe in the importance of good machine finishing solutions. We know that our machines can extend tool life, save wear on parts, increase productivity and efficiency, and ultimately save our customers money, time, and manpower. We know the important role that proper our machines play in the manufacturing process, and we know how vital it is that manufacturers have the kinds of flexible solutions that they need to meet the demands of their business. All of our clients are different, and we believe in providing different solutions to fit their needs.

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