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Unique Deburring Applications

As a company of highly-experienced designers, engineers, and manufacturers of deburring equipment, the Cleveland Deburring Machine Company (CDMC) has enjoyed a long history of working with clients in all areas of manufacturing and creating some of the best deburring solutions for nearly any application.

Over the years, we’ve designed and developed a number of deburring and metal finishing methods and created a line of truly competent deburring machines. Never satisfied with the status quo, we’re always redesigning and improving our work. Through the use of robotic loading, our deburring machines are able to take a large amount of work off the hands of employees who, in the past, had to manually feed and flip each part before the nylon brushes could do their work.

Another benefit to working closely with our clients and listening to their needs, is that we’ve learned to use our talents and our deburring know-how to create a number of unique deburring applications for a wide range of markets. To address material removal and stripping, CDMC has designed and built equipment that can strip friction material from steel backing plates. We built an operator-loaded deburring machine that makes use of a single wire brush to remove 1/16″ thick material (in a one inch width strip) from a 12″ disc in about sixty seconds. The internal coolant for this specialized machine keeps the brush and the parts from overheating during the material removal and stripping process. The machine can be easily integrated with auto-loaders if the need is present.

One of our unique deburring applications came from a request by a client in the semiconductor manufacturing industry who required a process that would create a precision-honed and highly-polished surface on fluid fittings. Each of these fittings would be used to transport gases in potentially-volatile atmospheres. Leakage was a primary safety concern. CDMC was able to deliver a solution to the client that made use of a variety of media. The resulting process was one in which each fluid fitting was honed and polished on multiple surfaces. The process required six stages but worked beautifully.

Another unique deburring application developed by the team at CDMC is for the aluminum finishing market. One of our clients asked us to design and develop a process that would expertly apply a brushed finish to aluminum sheets. The brushed aluminum sheets were subsequently punched and stamped to make front-load washing machine doors. Even though the output requirements set forth by the client were fairly small in scale, the process had to be exact and uniform from one piece to the next. CDMC developed a solution for this client that involved a brush platen fitted with six 4″ nylon disc brushes. Each aluminum sheet is loaded by hand. Afterward, the sheet is advanced to a position where it is secured by a vacuum table. When the sheet is in position, the brush platen lowers, and a brushed finish is produced inside of a four-second cycle time.

At CDMC, we strive to provide the most cost-effective deburring solutions, and the best customer service in the industry – whatever your unique application need may be. Contact us today with your deburring application needs and we’ll show you what we can do.

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